Cherish The Day: Season 1 Episode 4 “Basis” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

We jump nearly a year and three months, and as everything is coming up roses for Evan, he makes a life-changing decision that rocks Gently’s world.

Directed By Deborah Kampmeier
Written By Tanya Hamilton, James Anthony Tyler
Aired (OWN) 2/25/2020

Episode Recap

Getting The Blessing: Ben, Evan, Miss Luma

While Evan has shown himself as having no issue with Gently taking the lead early on, and we’ve seen him be disrespectful to his mother, he is no less traditional. So when it comes to proposing to Gently, after a year and a half of dating, Evan talks to Ben, and Gently’s uncles, and gets their blessing. Mind you, after some grilling, and thinly veiled threats, but ultimately he gets their blessing.

Also, Miss Luma assists by giving Evan enough time to do what he needed to set up the proposal.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: Gently, Evan

With Evan having started his own company a year ago, and it doing well, he is able to afford taking Gently to this place which may not be more than a few hours drive, but it looks like you need a plane to see. And it is there, with wine, the ocean in the distance, and stars in his eyes, Evan proposes and, initially, Gently says yes.

Gently and Evan smiling at each other.

Too Close For Comfort: Gently, Evan, Ben

But, she only said yes to not embarrass him. There were too many people, and while she loves him, she isn’t ready. However, with Evan throwing a bit of a tantrum, as if he isn’t fully aware Gently has a bit of a flight vs. fight thing going, it seems he isn’t ready or willing to give Gently time. He sees her rejection, her giving the ring back, as them breaking up.

Which Gently, when they return home, she talks about with Ben. Someone who pushes the idea Gently needs to get out of her own way, learn to trust, and give herself permission to be happy. A combination of things she hasn’t really found herself capable of, but she knows, if she lets Evan be in his feelings, the year they lost before could become a lifetime.

Back Together Again: Nick, Evan, Gently

Due to Nick struggling in his relationship, his ole hating ass seems happy Evan and Gently are on the rocks. It means he isn’t the only one messing up, but with Gently coming over, Nick’s feathers get rustled, and he leaves for his lonely apartment somewhere. Thus giving Gently and Evan the space they need to talk. To which it feels all Gently wanted was just a sense of control over the situation. At least, considering how she made so many of the early first moves, Evan making this giant leap threw off their dynamic and brought her back to a point where their dynamic wasn’t on an equal playing field.

However, despite issues still lingering, Evan pushes he has issues just like she does and, ultimately, he isn’t expecting something perfect. And with that, she proposes to him, he doubles on proposing to her, for he doesn’t want Ben to think less of him, and she accepts her 10-carat ring.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You’re love is turning me into someone new.
— Gently “Basis”

Review/ Commentary


Gently’s Uncles Fighting Over Who Is The Favorite

As with Evan, one of the key things the show pushes with Black men is that it isn’t all about grand gestures to show you love a Black woman. For whether they are your sister, mother, friend, cousin, or partner, there are ways you can contribute, uplift, or protect, that don’t have to be a big thing. Heck, one could say that, if Evan did something smaller for his original proposal, Gently might have not had as big of an issue with him proposing.

But that’s a different topic, the focus here is that each of Gently’s uncles, all with a different reason to claim they are her favorite uncle. All of which created a moment where, whether they seemed more hood or fit the image of the heavyset late 80s to mid-90s sitcom dad, your heartfelt warm, and you may have gotten teary-eyed. Now, granted, part of these men investing in Gently came due to their loyalty to her father, Lucky Buddy, but it is clear they have long since gone beyond obligation and were voluntarily active in Gently’s life. Further pushing not just a positive depiction of Black men and Black fatherhood, but also of urban communities in ways we haven’t necessarily seen too often.

Low Point

Not Seeing Gently’s Life And Career Progress (Outside Her Relationship With Evan)

Gently before she reconciles with Evan.

While I love “Cherish The Day,” I must admit one thing that is bugging me is that Gently seems to not have a life beyond spending time with Miss Luma, Evan, and then heading to Ben’s. Meanwhile, Evan’s company is blowing up, his app is about to launch, and you see so much going on with him. Now, I do realize Gently hasn’t really spoken about pursuing any career-minded dreams. Thus far, outside of living near Victoria Falls, there hasn’t been a long-term goal presented.

However, I think that is going to be one of the big issues down the line since, to me, Gently is increasingly feeling uncomfortable with Evan using his money. Note: I firmly believe she applauds and supports his success, but I do think if he could/should buy her anything, it’s experiences, not things. Since it seems her love language conflicts with the idea of being bought anything but experiences and while Evan is head over heels in love, Gently is a tug boat holding steady.

Thus leaving it where there is an imbalance and while opposites do attract, let’s not forget what attracts someone to their opposite could also be what repels them once the honeymoon phase is over.

On The Fence

Sometimes, It Feels Like Way Too Much Is Packed Into A Day

The episode covered Evan getting permission from Ben, using Miss Luma to stall Gently, going to some getaway, proposing, the proposing being broken, and then a reconciliation. That’s a lot. And while I get some people may have days like that which are an utter whirlwind, I do feel having all that go on at once creates a sense of rushing through things. I’d even say it puts you in the mindset of Gently where you think things are chill, and you’re going with the flow, then there is a sudden rush that you wasn’t expecting and it’s so overwhelming you can’t process when things went left and then got better. Add in these time jumps and while not left discombobulated, nor feeling like there is a checklist involved, the pacing can be a bit much.

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Gently’s Uncles Fighting Over Who Is The Favorite - 90%
Not Seeing Gently’s Life And Career Progress - 65%
Sometimes, It Feels Like Way Too Much Is Packed Into A Day - 75%


While the pacing of “Cherish The Day” makes this episode feel like it packs in a lot for 24 hours, when you slow things down and focus on specific moments, it remains one of the best romances on television. Be it platonic or romantic romance.

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