Title Card - Cherish The Day Season 1 Episode 2 “Synthesis”

A year has passed, and Evan runs into Gently. Leading to the need to wonder, will they get past what ruined what they could have had last year?

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A year has passed, and Evan runs into Gently. Leading to the need to wonder, will they get past what ruined what they could have had last year?

Directed By Tanya Hamilton
Written By Wayne Stamps
Aired (OWN) 2/12/2020
Introduced This Episode
Rika Loren Lott
Nick Larry Bates
Ty Leland B Martin

Episode Episode 2 “Synthesis” Recap

From Hanging With The Homies To Hanging With Them: Rika, Nick, Gently, Evan, Ty

Ty (Leland B Martin) greeting Evan.
Ty (Leland B Martin)

After being left in Carson to fend for himself, Gently and Evan didn’t talk for a year. However, thanks to their friends, Nick and Rika, strangers, yet inadvertently reconnecting Evan and Gently, they meet again at an art gallery.

Now, Rika, in terms of what she heard from Gently, is a bit easier on Evan than Nick is when it comes to Gently. But, Evan recognizes something is there, so when he is invited to go bowling with Gently later, he shows up and meets Ty.

As for who Ty is? Well, someone Gently is seeing but isn’t dating – though don’t tell him that. It seems he is under the impression they do more than smash, but considering Gently’s curve is so hard she could have lost a tire, it seems he might be in the wings but may never be invited on stage.

The Friendship Test: Rika, Evan

While Nick doesn’t get to have a personal conversation with Gently, Rika does get to have one with Evan. This leads to her getting a good vibe, leading to her lessening the impact of Ty’s presence, and she even helps Evan understand Gently a bit. Specifically, she is smart, stubborn, hates surprises, and doesn’t take too well to being teased. All of which adds to the incomplete answer as to why Gently acted the way she did in episode one.

However, what really matters here is Evan passes Rika’s test and is considered cool.

Rika (Loren Lott) talking to Evan at the bowling alley.
Rika (Loren Lott)

It’s The Little Things: Evan, Gently

And while a nod isn’t given to say proceed, because they aren’t teenagers anymore, things do fall back into that simple and comfortable place for Evan and Gently. Though, one could say Gently is just a natural caregiver, hence when Evan’s ankle gets broken or sprained, she not only takes him to the hospital but stays with him and waits. And during this all, Gently has the audacity to ask a nun for her seat so Evan can sit, she shares her gummy bears with him, and in a series of little actions like that, we’re reminded why we fell in love with the two characters in the first place.

Trust Is A Major Issue: Evan, Gently

Yet, there remains underlying issues that could impede them from moving forward, and Evan is straightforward in trying to figure a way to make those issues be handled. This, as you can imagine, isn’t something Gently likes. As shown when she talked about Ben, Gently is the type who likes to give you bits and pieces, nonchalantly, and expects you to understand her based off her word choices and how she moves.

However, hints and borderline ambiguity is not how Evan likes to communicate. Gently may speak that language, and can recognize things like Evan maybe not traveling physically, but through music, but for Evan, he recognizes a wall and wants to know why it is there. So, unable to give an extrapolated answer, Gently simply says she has trust issues. Which, with her finding some girl’s bra and a blonde hair, Evan ends up testing her trust issues.

But, with him playing this game with her before, and him being left shaken for a year over what could have been, despite the pain it caused, he moved fast on that damaged ankle to keep her from leaving. Which, ultimately she doesn’t, for there is something about Evan for her too which makes him hard to forget. Though, despite wanting to trust him, the road they’re going on will certainly not be paved.

Episode 2 “Synthesis” Review/ Commentary


Recognizing The Little Things Which Add Up

Gently looking over at Evan.

For many, while the grand gestures are what stand out when their story is told, it is the little things that sustain a relationship. Gently always being willing to ask Evan out or propose something matters just as much as him showing up and ready to have a good time. Her being willing to ask a nun to get up, stay with him, and even wait, are major things. And as much as she notes she has trust issues, it is clear that with Evan, she wants to trust him and is giving simple tests to see if he is worth the time and effort it would take to bring her guard down.

Especially since, as seen with Ty, Gently isn’t hurting for male attention. As Miss Luma said, she has male attention deficit disorder. However, that is because men like Ty are similar to sugar. They give a nice high for a bit, but they don’t fill you up or give you anything considered to be a nutrient. They are a snack, and Evan is a whole meal.

But, with that said, I do hope we get a bit more from Evan than him showing up. Him noting he wasn’t worried about Ty was fine, and his exploring of a deeper emotional connection. However, a lot of the effort in this relationship seems to be based on Gently coming up with things and Evan being malleable. I need him to step up.

Oh, and I must note, I loved how when Evan spoke as Gently does, in terms of his interaction with cops, it led to a mix of her realizing, behind this bougie demeanor, he does know her version of the Black experience, and he knows how to drop gems and keep it pushing.

Their Friends Were Made To Present Just Enough To Be Liked, But Not So Much You Want More

Nick (Larry Bates) side eyeing Evan.
Nick (Larry Bates)

When it comes to Nick and Rika, we get that rare balance of getting enough to appreciate their presence, but not so much they feel like they are competing for attention. They are solid supporting characters with personality and some sense that their world doesn’t revolve around their friend.

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Recognizing The Little Things Which Add Up - 95%
Their Friends Were Made To Present Just Enough To Be Liked, But Not So Much You Want More - 85%


As the little things add up for Evan and Gently, you begin to understand why this anthology focuses on a single day each episode.

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