Bronx SIU: Season 1, Episode 2 “Archangels” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Yolanda and Jimmy’s past continue to make it seem they chose the wrong job as they investigate a nun shot in the head.

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Felix and Sister Martha in a picture together.

Yolanda and Jimmy’s past continue to make it seem they chose the wrong job as they investigate a nun shot in the head.

Episode Information: Episode 2 “Archangels”

Director(s) Mike Mayhall
Writer(s) Mike Mayhall, Dan Garcia
Air Date 7/25/2018
Introduced This Episode
Felix Julian Mathias
Felix’s Mom (Ashley) Rebecca Merle
Sister Rogers Stefaniya Makarova
Sister Martha Lilith Falcon
Sister Carissa Dominique Duvernay
Father Evans Todd Lewis
Dexter Alex Emanuel
Kiki Elijah Bezares
Tarik Keeland Ellis


Hard To Shake The Past: Yolanda, Jasmine

From possible sex addiction to being molested as a child, Yolanda has a past which her current profession triggers. In fact, it is getting so bad she is snapping on Jasmine a bit but is starting to express outside voices who seemingly are making things worse. Now, whether they are in her head, from the past, or what? That’s hard to say.

A Boy In Need Of Some Help: Felix, Tarik, Felix’s Mom, Sister Rogers

Life can be hard out in the BX. For some kids like Felix, your mom can be an addict, dad not around, and sometimes you feel the need to steal. Heck, you may even join a gang because not doing so means you’re more susceptible to being jumped. Then, of course, there comes getting a piece and you beginning a downward spiral which gets you trapped into the system.

However, luckily for Felix, people are looking out for him. Formerly there was Sister Rogers, until she was killed, and now Tarik has stepped into his life – all by chance. For when Felix was trying to steal from a bodega, Tarik just so happens to run into him and stumble upon his connection to the Sister Rogers case. Something he passes off, but the same isn’t done with Felix. He becomes a sort of mentor to him and even helps his mom get clean. Thus showing the importance of mentorship, accountability, and community.

The Unrepentant Nun: Jimmy, Yolanda, Sister Rogers, Sister Martha, Sister Carissa, Father Evans, Derrick Ferguson, Kiki

This episode’s case deals with a nun who appeared to be shot in the head. This leads to Jimmy and Yolanda investigating a local small time gang known as the 18th Street Boys headed by a guy named Kiki. Someone who seemingly had beef with Sister Rogers for she impeded on his recruitment and selling efforts. Yet, he claims innocence when Jimmy messes him up a little bit.

Thus leading us to maybe question if the Father of the church is involved, especially as he gets into the head of Yolanda, leading to her needing a later night therapy session, and Jimmy. However, it seems the father was simply doing his job as a community leader and trying to be supportive. The kind Yolanda was in no way prepped for and Jimmy? Well, while struggling with his time in the military, it seems he doesn’t want to fully divulge details.

Thus leading to focusing on Derrick Ferguson, aka Dexter, who is a bit of a shady real estate developer. The kind you’d think would maybe use the church to clean money or do other unscrupulous things. And, in fact, he is guilty of the death of Sister Rogers. However, not like you may first think.

The truth is, he and Sister Martha were in a relationship, Sister Rogers caught them, and she accidentally died falling down a staircase when Sister Martha chased her. Now, if it were reported then, maybe things would have been bad, but not at the level they are now. For with both Sister Martha and Derrick hiding the body, Derrick shooting her in the head, and Sister Martha having Sister Carissa hide the gun, those two idiots royally screwed up.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why is Yolanda walking around in heels while on the job? Granted, she can run and do a mean roundhouse in them, but it seems so impractical.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Gloria is seeing Zakia who is investigating Darius and Jimmy.
  • Jimmy seems to be in control of the money.
  • Both of Jimmy’s parents are dead

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Father Evans refuting Jimmy saying he might not care anymore.
Father Evans: People who don’t care don’t say they don’t care. They simply stop caring.


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Yolanda & Jimmy’s Demons

It’s interesting to watch two people of color struggle with their mental health yet not drown it out with alcohol among other things. Hell, as noted in the first episode, just seeing Yolanda seek professional help, and show it is a process, is strangely shocking. Yet, taking note she is kind of hiding it, you also see the possible fear of the stigma attached to getting therapy. For here she is, strong, Black, capable, and also able to whoop some ass, yet she has this cloud over her that, when she is vulnerable, makes her feel like she is drowning and pushes you to thrash and lash out.

Then with Jimmy, you see him trying to compensate for that kid he killed by handling one case after another, with precision. Granted, precision which seems a little unrealistic, but that drive to atone helps you understand the need for justice. But, through Gloria, you also see him needing, not just in the public eye, but in his private life, a sense of redemption if not validation that he isn’t a bad person. Thus crafting this hardly seen soft side which makes it so, while the persona he usually has isn’t an act, it surely is a wall or shield of some kind.

An Intricate Case

Unlike with the first case, the case of the murdered nun allowed you some sense of trying to figure out who did it. Was it Felix by mistake, maybe Kiki or one of his boys? What about the father who maybe was in cahoots with Derrick if not Sister Rogers getting shot because of a drug deal gone wrong? With the way this show is, anything could happen and being allowed to come up with theories and get occasional hints makes it so you feel part of the investigation a little bit.

On The Fence


Her dating, or whatever she is doing with Zakia, is the kind of drama I hope this show doesn’t do what is expected. For bad enough Gloria doesn’t seem to have a life outside of being someone’s girlfriend but this? It’s the type of stuff to make you roll your eyes.

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