BONDiNG: Season 1, Episode 2 “Pete Shy” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Some of the awkwardness of episode 1 slips as you realize Pete, while gay, is still Georgia made and Tiff has long left her conservative upbringing behind.

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Pete being told he is going to pee on Fred.

Some of the awkwardness of episode 1 slips away as you realize Pete, while gay, is still Georgia made and Tiff has long left her conservative upbringing behind.

Director(s) Rightor Doyle
Writer(s) Rightor Doyle
Air Date 4/24/2019
Introduced This Episode
Professor Charles Kevin Kane
Kate Stephanie Styles
Rolph Matthew Wilkas
Josh Theo Stockman
Fred Charles Gould

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A Tiff Styled Pep Talk: Tiff, Pete

Pete, once again, chickens out of doing stand up. So, using her style of therapy, Tiff tries to help give Pete a way to calm down by bringing up sex and reminding him that inside of him is Chester. A man who was brave and is capable of doing the kind of work Tiff does. So what is stand up?

Teacher’s Pet: Tiff, Professor Charles, Kate

While Tiff is studious, for her degree more than anything, a classmate named Kate seems to see her as a threat. Probably because Professor Charles is a little too flirty and while he speaks of professional boundaries, it seems that only applies to clients – not students. For in his mind, he doesn’t support the Freud way of therapy, focusing on sex and roleplay, for it leads to unethical relationships with patients. An idea Tiff slight pushes back on because of her line of work and her thoughts on how it is therapy, especially for men.

However, making that argument is hard for her since while she isn’t ashamed of the work she does, she also doesn’t want to deal with the stigma.

It’s A Fulfilling Life: Tiff, Rolph, Fred, Pete

If there is a question on how Tiff is living well in New York while Pete struggles, the answer is Ralph. From what it appears, Tiff is living in his home, and he is her client. One she abuses and in turn, she gets a free place to stay. Now, as for how Rolph affords the home and maybe what is spending cash for Tiff? No idea.

However, in some ways, Fred may become something similar for Pete. Since with Tiff as a middleman, she is arranging for extra money out of Freaky Fred. Someone who actually likes Pete, though not in a romantic way, since he thinks he is funny. Which is always nice to hear before you piss in someone’s mouth.



Fred (Charles Gould) before he gets peed on.
Fred (Charles Gould)

I really do love Fred. He is a bit of a freak, and kind of weird, but he reminds you of that a lot of weird people just need an outlet and people who get them. Fred has found that with Tiff and Pete and that’s why him getting peed on, choked, even cumming on Pete’s face, it strangely seems less weird. Though maybe it is just how Fred is written and performed without shame which takes the weird element out and leaves him as just a person who doesn’t like vanilla sex.

Pete May Have A Potential Boyfriend

While Pete has Tiff, she is a bit distant in some ways but never so distant to lose what might be her only friend in New York. So Josh is a bit of a godsend and also acts as a nice reminder that, as adorkable as Pete is, he is also sexually attractive. And while it isn’t like he is chubby or anything which, within the gay community, gets ostracized a bit, not everything needs to be a statement.

If anything, considering Pete may have seen penises but has never mentioned having a boyfriend, this could be his first love. Something that, for better or worse, could be quite a thing to watch. Especially if he picks up Josh’s humor.

Josh’s Sex Conversation

I really wish I understood copyright law and had connections since I’d love to link to Josh’s conversations about blowjobs and anal sex. While I’ve heard comedy from gay comics, the jokes Josh and his friends had was probably one of the funniest things I’ve heard and also relating it to home owning made a great correlation.

Digging Into Tiff’s Take On Psychology

Tiff speaking about how being a dom provides her clients freedom from masculinity.

Tiff’s take on psychology, especially in terms of how her method of being a dominatrix helps men, like the Josh conversation, shows this show has the ability to go deeper than its premise. Which I appreciate and with Tiff, considering her background, it makes you interested in her more. For what is it that triggers a child raised by born again Christians to be so sex-positive and a dominatrix is a good question.

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While the long term potential of BONDiNG remains in the air, short term it is making for perhaps one of the best Netflix show’s in a while – primarily for it feels like it was written to be binged. Making it so you feel the need to go episode to episode quickly, few breaks, if any breaks, and find out what happens in the end.

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