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TV Series BONDiNG: Season 1, Episode 6 "Penguins" - Recap, Review (With Spoilers)

BONDiNG: Season 1, Episode 6 “Penguins” – Recap, Review (With Spoilers)

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Both Pete and Tiff harness who they are and blur the lines between their alter egos and who they are without the mask. How do you think it went?

Director(s)Rightor Doyle
Writer(s)Rightor Doyle
Air Date4/24/2019
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Coming To The Stage… Chester?: Pete

Pete, rather Chester, doing a stand up routine.

With Pete, once more, handling a client on his own, even being given the “Master” title, there is a need to worry how that might affect his relationship with Tiff. However, that’s a problem for the finale. What matters in “Penguin” is Pete finally gets on stage. Mind you, as Chester, making jokes about life as a dominatrix’s assistant, but a gimmick might have been what Pete has needed. For being the gay comic, clearly, was not his cup of team.

This Is Me: Doug, Professor Charles, Tiff

Upon realizing she has real feelings for Doug, Tiff decides to reveal she is a dominatrix, while Doug is defecating. An odd moment, but with him kind of hunching it off, she is satisfied. Perhaps because he is neither shocked and appalled or fetishizing her? Either way, following that, she has Professor Charles meet with school administrators and exposes what she does to the class during her thesis presentation.

Ending things with asking who wants to be tied to a chair and Doug being the first one.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

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[…] I’m not much of a talker. I’m a doer. See, the problem with being a doer is I’m also a fixer. I like to fix things, quickly. And if I can’t fix them, my way, I just kind of leave them behind.
— Tiff


Embracing All Sides To Yourself

Tiff revealing she is a dominatrix to her psych class.

While BDSM is often used for comedy, the idea to me is taking away the fear and insecurities which come from our deepest desires or what society has made to seem shameful. Which, for many, deals with sex. When it comes to Pete, it seemed he was comfortable doing sex, but being sexual was a whole different thing. At least in terms of embracing his sexuality beyond claiming he is a gay man.

Then with Tiff, as we continuously discover, her sexual agency has been constantly violated. She hints that she was raped this episode, throughout high school used sex as a means to get validation, and even as a dominatrix, she didn’t get to understand and own her pleasure. Based off the difficulty she had masturbating, which partly was due to Doug, one could argue she may have an issue, as a whole, with the concept of desire.

Something she may have very well been working through as a dominatrix. Not so much understanding other people’s desire, maybe helping them reach points she may have difficulty hitting, but finding what gets her off. Perhaps exploring what she, in her sex life, often lacked – agency. And while she is getting paid for it, that is perhaps the empowering part of sex work. You, as a woman, get to monetize something many take advantage of and undervalue.

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The Short & Sweet Version

With both Pete and Tiff coming to a place where they are comfortable with who they are, in private and public, it makes you wonder how the season finale will be? Yet, whether a one season show or multiple seasons, this show definitely has been a quick little treat. Here is hoping the finale may mean Tiff talking to her mom and Pete… well, does he have anything major left?
Embracing All Sides To Yourself
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