Blindspotting: Season 1/ Episode 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Blindspotting Season 1 Episode 3

Trish is back to the forefront in an episode that shows you why she has the entrepreneurial spirit she does. Also, Sean kicking people leads to a question of how to discipline him?

Trish is back to the forefront in an episode that shows you why she has the entrepreneurial spirit she does. Also, Sean kicking people leads to a question of how to discipline him?

Episode Title The Rule of Three
Network Starz
Aired 6/27/2021
Directed By Aurora Guerrero
Written By Priscilla Garcia-Jacquier

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You Better Do Something About That – Sean, Earl, Janelle, Ashley, Miles, Rainey, Trish

If Janelle or her mom aren’t watching Sean, the television is, and with him having a love for John Wick, amongst other productions, he has decided it is okay to kick his mom and Trish. Now, the trimming couldn’t be worse since Trish is heading into her next gear since she has a meeting with the bank, making this kid kicking her no Bueno. However, Ashley grew up in an abusive household, so she wants to avoid hitting her kids – which no one agrees is the best solution.

Sean in his karate uniform

Both Rainey and Miles support the rule of three, which is popping Sean at the age he is, when he is a tween, and then right before he is 18. This, as shown by Miles and Trish, doesn’t always work, but something is better than nothing, right?

But being that Ashley has a job, she leaves Sean with Earl and Janelle, and while Janelle pushes Sean to do the best apology ever, Sean takes to Earl and his warnings. Of which, focus on what happens if you mess up in the real world, beyond just making your mother and aunt mad.

Let Me Be Me, Dammit! – Trish, Ashley

While there is a long list as to why Trish and Ashley have beef, one of the reasons is that Trish isn’t capable of code-switching. Ashley can go from hood chick to bland and proper, but Trish doesn’t want to and might not be capable of it either. Her comfort zone is who she is, no matter who is around, so while she can chop it up with the loan officer, who speaks her language, because Trish doesn’t speak finance? Yeah, that loan gets denied without even starting the paperwork.

Thus, Trish gets hella drunk, and as soon as Ashley walks into the door, she picks a fight. One that nearly turns into a real fight into Rainey steps in, and…

The Calm After The Storm – Ashley, Trish, Rainey, Sean

SMACKS THE MESS OUT OF TRISH! I’m talking smacks her like she was coming at Rainey and calling her everything but a child of God! Sean sees, and because of the shock and pain Trish is in, he swears to do right to avoid getting smacked too.



The (Unfortunate) Importance of Code Switching

Trish made Ashley got her doubting herself

Unfortunately, people like Trish experience a glass ceiling if they walk in as their authentic selves in most places. The way she acts is seen as ratchet, unprofessional, even aggressive, and because of that, no matter how smart she is, her street smarts won’t allow her to get ahead in certain avenues. Which is understandably frustrating.

Meanwhile, even though Ashley isn’t necessarily ranking in the dough, her code-switching, sometimes changing her accent entirely, has her in a job that is seen as “respectable.” Yet, as shown by the last episode, having a respectable job doesn’t mean you avoid BS. Just like Trish likely gets harassed at her job, so does Ashley. Thus showing, no matter what persona you take on, it might be better to be yourself so that you can at least say you played the game on your terms.

New Generation Parenting

The struggle with modern parenting is, whooping your child has fallen out of favor, yet how do you keep them from being bad, especially when you aren’t around, if they have no fear? Now, for some, they have perfected “The Look” but, usually the look follows the Rainey “Rule of Three” as a warning of what can happen again. Yet, as Ashley’s boss noted, hitting your child can cause a chain reaction of issues, and scientists agree.

Which leaves the modern parent left to pick their poison. Hit your child and risk them having some mental disorder, but likely have the kind of job to pay for therapy, or them becoming a school shooter? Options are slim, and while this may seem like an extreme, so is the struggle of owning, as a parent, you went wrong in rearing your kid as they sit in prison or lay down six feet under.

Understand Why Trish Wants To Upgrade Her Life

Can I just begin by saying, the flow of Trish’s conversation with the loan officer is why this show is growing on me. I may never be into the Hamilton-styled poetry/raps too heavy, but I feel in time, I’ll be worn down and not only appreciate it, but like it. With that said, it was good to see why Trish wants to upgrade her life. For while she is young and can shake some ass and bare her breasts, that isn’t something you can do forever. At least, you can’t do that forever and expect to make the same money as your body ages.

Trish dolled up, for she is about to hit the stage

As shown by many sex workers, you have to change your revenue streams up after a certain point. Be it by having a sex toy line, get people into your non-XXX life, or even run your own production. So it only makes sense, considering her boss is an ass, who can barely handle his club, that Trish would want a go at running her own. I mean, is that not how most businesses are started? Seeing someone who you think is unqualified get paid the big bucks, while you do a notable portion of the work? Thus, you figure you minas well start a business of your own?

Trajectory: Plateau

I firmly believe the show needs Trish more than it likes to admit, and this episode proves it. For she brings a nice balance between the more ratchet and hood side of Oakland, to those like Ashley who are trying to know their hood, but not be of the hood.

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