Bigger: Season 2/ Episode 5 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

At Julius and Connie’s wedding, people find themselves affected by the mood and getting boo’d up. But will Layne and Deon be one of them?

Episode Title Time Don’t Give You Time
Director(s) Leslie Kolins Small
Writer(s) Howard Jordan, Jr.
Aired (BET+) 4/22/2021

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Before The Wedding – Deon, Tracey, Vince, Aaron, Shoshana, Layne, Connie, Julius, Veronica, Ken

Before the wedding even begins, there are signs there could be a shift. Deon is still unsure about Julius, and with meeting Julius’ boys, who are “twins,” due to being born 4 days apart, things don’t get better. Add in them trying to double team Layne? Oh, there are serious issues.

However, for everyone else? Things are good. Tracey and Aaron, alongside Veronica and Ken? They are in a good mood and vibing. Mind you, some of Connie’s friends are nudging them and making it clear they will make a move if they don’t, so it does lead to some reflection on their relationships. Veronica, especially since she and Ken don’t have titles yet, are doing couple stuff. She even asks Deon what’s the deal because things seem too good to be true.

Veronica questioning why it takes guys so long to get their stuff together
Veronica questioning why it takes guys so long to get their stuff together

And while all this happens, Shoshana continues to stick out like a sore thumb and do the kind of things that lead to a universal side-eye of her and Vince.

During The Wedding – Deon, Layne, Connie, Julius

When the actual wedding happens, Deon is still unsure about Julius. He learns he might be a Jehovah’s Witness, his pastor is funny acting, and there are just way too many red flags collecting. As for Connie? Well, one of her friends rip her dress, but luckily Layne travels with a sewing kit and saves the day. Leading to Connie and Layne sharing an unexpected moment.

But with sitting alone at the wedding, surrounded by couples, and Julius’ sons eyeing her like two famished animals at feeding time, she is not comfortable at all. What doesn’t help is a speech by Deon, in which he finally comes to accept Julius, and he speaks a bit about relationship and finds himself looking at Layne. Thus making it clear he was bit by the wedding bug, and she wants no parts of that.

After The Wedding – Deon, Tracey, Vince, Aaron, Shoshana, Layne, Connie, Julius, Veronica, Ken

Once the wedding is over, people head out, and so begins the festivities. Tracey breaks that celibate pact she had with Layne and decides she needs some d**k because Aaron is Aaron. Veronica, since she is with someone she actually likes, just ends up cuddled up with Ken, talking, joking, and taking note of Tracey being unable to keep her activities quiet.

As for Layne and Deon? Well, while being able to help Connie was nice, between being the third wheel in all situations, including with Julius’ twins, and just feeling rather uncomfortable throughout the whole experience, she is making her exit. One Deon tries to stop, but Layne’s at that point where she doesn’t want to make it work. She is tired and honestly wants something to come easy in her life. Hell, Layne needs something easy to come into her life and for someone to overtly make an effort. Which Deon admits he hasn’t done, and honestly, that just confirms that she was the only one serious about them previously, and with her being wanting to tap out, she leaves as planned – thinking she got closure.

However, now her blue anxiety rings have turned into hearts, so maybe she might be willing to give Deon a chance – if not love a chance with someone else.



Connie’s Friends

Connie's friends acting up
Connie’s friends acting up

We deserve to see older Black women get focused on and see their relationships – plain and simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love Layne and her friends, but the 20 or 30 something who is unsure about life, love, and career, that is a saturated market. Granted, not featuring Black women, but at the same time, historically, when the opportunity presents itself, it has been younger women.

However, as Connie and her friends show, there is an untapped perspective and life experiences that may be, for 20 to 30 something-year-old viewers, they can get something from. Because, after a certain point, you create an echo chamber when you solely focus on young folk going through stuff. All the while, making it so women like Connie and her friends get regulated to either outlandish or sages.

Which, don’t get us wrong, they can be one, the other, or both. However, usually, that is in moments and not to the extent where they get to be fully human. So here is hoping that, eventually, a network catches on that you can have a Grace and Frankie, Golden Girls, what have you, and have it where the women are the same age but Black, Latinx, Asian, and it not solely be done in films.

How The Relationships Reflect People’s Headspace

One of the things you can learn from everyone’s relationship is where they are currently. With Layne, she is celibate and not looking to date because she is still in that era of trying to prove herself. She operated on auto-pilot, doing all the things you were supposed to do and wasn’t happy. Now, she has taken her joy by the reins, and while it is a struggle, it was her choice without the influence or support of her mother.

With Veronica, while Layne might be talking closure by friend-zoning Deon, the only one who seems to have real closure is Veronica. The man who made her feel like a secret, a piece of meat, she can now enjoy an intimate moment with, in public and private, without sex being involved. She can just enjoy his company, be vulnerable on his chest, yet still talk her s**t when they are in public without having to worry about anything.

Ken and Veronica boo'd up
Ken and Veronica boo’d up

Then with Tracey, you see this need for control. She can barely control her career, so she wants and needs control over her personal life and Aaron being willing to give that in their relationship, that allows her a certain level of comfort to be free. For with peering eyes all the time, she has to constantly be on. So, like Veronica, having the ability to let her guard down with someone is rare, and it being a man? A man she has a romantic interest in, specifically? That’s why she ends up having sex with Aaron.

Here is hoping she doesn’t regret it.

Oh, and as for the boys? Honestly, Vince and Shoshana aren’t really developed enough to talk about how that relationship reflects where he is at and Deon? He is somewhere between a hoe and settle-down phase, and I think Layne is a convenient option more than someone he truly wants. Hence why it took a wedding and, possibly like her, seeing everyone boo’d up to really gain perspective.

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Connie's Friends - 86%
How The Relationships Reflect People's Headspace - 83%


A beautiful wedding sparks many to reflect on the relationships they have, and seeing Connie with her friends makes you wonder when will there be some age diversity when it comes to featuring Black folks and people of color in general as leads on shows?

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