Layne asking where will her and Deon go after the conversations they just had.

As Layne mourns her relationship and what could have been, she sees what could be with Deon.

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As Layne mourns her relationship and what could have been, she sees what could be with Deon.

BET Plus
Director(s) Angela Barnes Gomes
Writer(s) Courtney Perdue, Baindu Saidu
Air Date 10/17/2019
Introduced This Episode
Connie Charmin Lee

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The Stages of Grief: Deon, Layne

Being that Layne has existed on her mom’s time table and expectations, and has been on auto-pilot until recently, it makes failing a hard blow to the stomach. Especially since what she failed in was having a successful personal life since that is one of the few things she didn’t seem to have. Friendships, yeah, but relationships? A good sex life? That was absent in her life. And when you’re doing well professionally but not personally, it creates this weird dysfunction. So with getting a doctor interested in her and this dude who knew how to hit it, that was a high point.

Which sounds trash, and Deon reminds her that her downfall and crying doesn’t secure her victimhood. Yet, Layne reminds you that when you don’t come up feeling like you have a lot of options, or the ability to fail, when you do get access to those opportunities, you are going to get the experience you should have had when you could afford to make mistakes.

However, now at 30+ years old, and looking to settle down, Layne isn’t in the position to lose as much as she did without that blow being major.

Hey Ms. Lewis: Connie, Layne, Deon

Connie (Charmin Lee) standing on her porch.
Connie (Charmin Lee)

It isn’t clear how often, but every now and then Deon drives 8 miles to see his mother Connie and take care of things around the house. For with his dad up and leaving, seemingly around the time Deon finished college, he makes sure his mother is alright. This time, however, he brought Layne along, and this leads to Connie asking some questions.

Why? Well, for her, the idea of a woman, with a ring on her finger, driving with her friend 8 hours seems suspect. Add in Layne seeing Deon with his shirt off and old memories coming back from freshman year, Connie peeps what is going on and calls out all parties on it. Perhaps setting some wheels in motion that Layne tried to get traction on, when confronting Deon about what happened freshman year on the drive over, but Connie sets things into overdrive.

Thus leading to them having a real conversation and Deon simply stating between not being ready and having options, he didn’t want to mess up things with Layne. He’d rather put her in the sis zone, and maintain her friendship, then jump in and likely leave by doing something to piss her off. An answer that Layne seems to accept.

Where To From Here?: Layne, Deon

With having a breakthrough, and Connie making it clear she sees something going on, Layne doesn’t want the conversation to end. However, with Deon not making it clear what could come next, perhaps since he is still processing things, he doesn’t catch the hint and give Layne the conversation she wants to have.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You’re not a shitty person. But I’ve always thought you were the shit.
— Deon




Layne x Deon Doesn’t Seem As Bad Of An Idea As It Did Before

Deon saying he is glad he met Layne.

With seeing the next episode preview, we know Layne and Deon jump from the conversations of this episode to smashing. The question is, how will everyone else react? Greg, especially, since it seemed like he figured something was going on. Also, considering how Deon reacted to Greg, one can foresee Vince thinking that is why Deon was acting stank.

But beyond how people on the outside see things, there is also the question of how Deon and Layne see the situation. Layne is clearly in the headspace where marriage, maybe even kids, should be on the table. Deon, on the other hand, while he has spoken about trying to find someone, as for settling down and having kids? We haven’t heard any of that come out of his mouth.

Making the idea of these two getting together not horrible, but you do have to wonder if either are ready to meet the other person’s needs or not.


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Layne x Deon Doesn’t Seem As Bad Of An Idea As It Did Before - 85%


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