Better Things: Season 2/ Episode 3 “Robin” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Could Sam have really found love? May the title of this show, Better Things, no longer be wishful thinking but actually here?

Robin: Robin (Henry Thomas), Sam

As we have seen throughout the series, while Sam can find a decent lay every now and then, someone to talk to and spend time with? That is a luxury no booking can buy. Especially in terms of finding a man, an attractive one, to spend time with. Yet, at an old college friend’s poetry reading, Sam meets Robin. He seems like a nice guy, is divorced, raising his daughter as a single parent, and makes Sam laugh. Even has her thinking about him the following morning.

Could it be that Sam is in love?

Get Me Away From These Children: Sam, Max, Frankie, Robin

Unlike most children, it seems Max isn’t excited about the idea of having a license. However, with Sam wanting her to take further steps towards independence, she sits with that girl and waits. That is, until Robin calls talking about taking a trip. Something a little awkward since he and Sam just met, but the way he approaches it is appreciated. He seems to be a thinking man and while maybe he has a few kinks to work out, Sam is a bit smitten.

Plus, considering how much both Max and Frankie are getting on Sam’s nerves, she could use a nice trip and some adult conversation. Especially with someone who seems to get her humor, kind of understands what she is going through as a parent, and actually might put some effort into making her happy. Something rare in Sam’s life.

Sometimes It’s Not Just The Thought But Effort That Counts: Robin, Sam

Sam & Robin (Henry Thomas)

In the beginning, Sam and Robin’s time alone together, out in nature somewhere, goes well. Until Sam talks about an overnight backup plan. Naturally, since she seemingly may see something long-term here, she wants to take her time. Plus, with the crazies she has dealt with in the past, she knows that nice guys don’t finish last but certainly take their time to show their horns.

Of which, Robin seems to not have horns but he definitely can be a little moody and an acceptable level of erratic. Something shown as he just lets Sam go on and on while he is in deep thought over their sleeping situation. Not because he fully expected to sleep with Sam, but seemingly his silence was about reflection and adjusting his thoughts. Something which, once he verbalizes it, as Sam does for her reasons for wanting a separate sleeping arrangement, leads to them getting along again.

However, while his little eccentricities are shown and acceptable to Sam, there remains the question of why his wife dump him? Much less, is his backstory true?


Sam In Love

Thus far, Sam’s relationships have been, at their best, good for sex and at their worse, simply a reason to exchange the frustration of her girls for someone else. So to see her swooning, thinking of a guy the next day in bed, looking like a girl with a crush, that’s something. Almost to the point you have to wonder if the rug is going to be pulled from up under us.

For as noted, while Sam and Robin have mutual friends, it isn’t like Sam’s friends aren’t all a bit puzzling. Some even worth raising a red flag over. So you have to wonder if how neurotic Robin gets is the worst thing about him or just a taste? After all, this is the honeymoon period and as much as Sam may seem like a pessimist, I think there is still a desire for love and companionship. Maybe not marriage anytime soon, or at all, but Sam wouldn’t be messing with all these frogs if there wasn’t a hope to find a knight.

Though, I must admit, considering how she berated Rodney in the last episode, and how Robin acts in this one, I am trying to figure out if just Robin showing empathy made the world of difference. For, in my mind, Robin seems sort of emotional like Rodney but does seem a bit more mature. However, considering Sam’s “Real Man” speech, I must admit I was under the impression that her preference was a guy like her.

But, I guess, considering she has to play the traditionally masculine role in her home and life, love life included, it made her harden up a bit. Making someone like Robin who seemingly possesses the softness Sam appreciates in a friend, but masculine aura she wants in a lover, what makes Robin seem like a catch.

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