Overview Someone is convicted of Blair’s murder, and Nick seemingly is ready to bury a few more bodies in the grave. Review (with Spoilers) With Cody gone, the focus of the show seems geared toward a stronger focus on the drug war between the Morgan and Ford family, as well as Blair’s murder. Both of…

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Someone is convicted of Blair’s murder, and Nick seemingly is ready to bury a few more bodies in the grave.

Review (with Spoilers)

With Cody gone, the focus of the show seems geared toward a stronger focus on the drug war between the Morgan and Ford family, as well as Blair’s murder. Both of which involve Nick Ford, but he seems to have very little focus on his daughter’s killer for Zane’s antics have turned him into a man who looks like he could be the brother of The Undertaker. But, before he rains down his fury on the town, he tries to make peace.

Topic 1: I Just Wanted To Be Loved – Norma

With Cody revealing Norma’s secret, a rift has been made between mother and son. One which seemingly could easily be bridged if Norma would just reveal what Cody meant, but this isn’t going to happen. For revealing this secret strips away a part of Norman’s innocence, and considering how life has treated Norma, and stripped any innocence she once had, protecting her son’s is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately though, with Norma keeping a secret from him, it seems he sees their slightly twisted bond as over.

And being that Norma is the type who needs love and affection, even if from an unhealthy relationship, she finds herself going to George. Who, I should note, hasn’t shown any negative traits. In fact, he speaks to Norma on a rather frank level that he wants to date her, and be in a relationship. But on their first date, her insecurities get the best of her so she leaves, but after a fight with Norman, in which he locks himself in his room, she flies back to George in order to remind herself she is still lovable, though she uses sex to verify this sadly.

Topic 2: The Murder of Blair Watson – Romero

Speaking of sex, with Deputy Lynn’s discovery, we watch as Romero questions what he should do with said information. He watches Norman, even tries to talk to him about his and Blair’s relationship, but Norman escapes when that night is brought up. Thankfully for Norman though, Kyle is convicted of murdering Blair and seemingly now the most Deputy Lynn can do with the evidence she illegally tested is charge Blair with having sex with a minor. However, just because Norman isn’t convicted, doesn’t mean he is off scott-free. For one, while Romero may not look at Norman as the murderer, being that Norman is vehemently hiding what happened between him and Ms. Watson, this isn’t helping Romero’s curiosity. Never mind the fact Nick comes to Norma’s house, for reasons listed below, and meets with the boy. But, perhaps the biggest issue coming from Romero’s curiosity is the fact Norman still has Blair’s pearl necklace, and has it on him as he seemingly goes to greet his mother.

Topic 3: The Drug War – Dylan & Norman

Leading us to the big topic of the episode, which is the drug war. With Nick’s low level men massacred, Zane’s plan is to continue these hits until Nick is willing to sell his property and give up the business. Thing is, Nick is ready for a drug war, one which he thinks only Dylan can stop. So, at first, Nick tries to go the nice way about things and approach Norma to make a meet, which doesn’t work, but luckily Dylan does follow up on Norma trying to help the boy, and he talks with Nick. Thing is, Dylan is rude as hell to Nick, so Nick cuts any type of pleasantries he could have had and talks to Dylan like the child he just maybe. And in this conversation he makes it plain and simple: Take out Zane. Not make him disappear, but kill him.

The consequences if he doesn’t: People will die, and that includes Dylan’s family. Something which, oddly enough, upsets Dylan for even after blowing Norma off earlier, it seems some part of him still cares. However, with no action on Dylan’s part, besides trying to convince Jodie to be more active in the situation, all we get is Jodie giving Dylan permission to do as he sees fit. Unfortunately though, nothing is done quickly enough for on that night, while Norma is with George and post Norman dealing with an interrogation by Romero, Norman comes downstairs, with Blair’s necklace on his person, and is kidnapped. Now, assumingly it is Nick’s people who did this, for Norman perhaps would be the best leverage to get Norma, much less Dylan, to do as he says, it seems Norman has been made to be a possible sacrificial lamb. For, with Dylan being uncooperative, and Norma acting high and mighty with Nick, it seems he was left with no choice but to remind the both of them who truly runs the town. So, poor little Norman seems to have been kidnapped to prove a point to these two, and the sad thing is, he has something of Nick’s daughters which could make a bad situation a hell of a lot worse.

Things To Note

Freddie Highmore has the most intense eyes and glare when he and Vera are in the scene which preludes Norman locking himself in the room. In that scene, you can see the potential of this legendary murderer and if it wasn’t for the fact the show is in the 2nd season, you’d think he would have killed Norma right there.

We are told that Nick had a serious fallen out with Blair 6 months ago, and the phone calls Norman keeps referencing to deals with Nick’s business manager Eric. Nick was hoping that cutting off Blair from his money would force her to comeback, but alas it was too late. And he warns Dylan, and Norma, as Emma warned Dylan in the last episode, to savor the time you have with your loved ones.

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