Norman being sensitive and emotional ends up leading to quite an issue with Cody.

Review (with Spoilers)

In this episode, Norma finally achieves something in her life, without it being significantly tainted, and naturally this is when Norman’s life is just about to fall apart. Making it seem that as close as the two are, they sort of are detrimental to one another. But, while things are bad for those two, things seem to be looking up for both Emma and Dylan. More on that below.

Topic 1: Business & Pleasure – Dylan

Dylan is getting out the hospital and instead of Norma picking him up, his boss does. He was moved two towns over, in what the boss says is a better hospital, and she decides he is to be kept under safeguard at her house as he finishes recuperating. While there, we learn a bit about the family operation which started with her father and then was dropped into her lap. But, while she maybe the boss, she really just focuses on the botany aspect of controlling the strains and formerly letting Gil handle everything else. However, with Gil dead and Zane taking over, she has one request for all she has to offer Dylan, and that is for him to run things, without Zane figuring out.

Now, you maybe thinking what is it she is going to give Dylan for this request, and sadly it seems to be her person. She seemingly ostracizes herself from most of the operation, and maybe even people, and yet quickly develops a bond with Dylan. So, be it business, or business with a mix of pleasure, she gets close enough, and comfortable enough, with Dylan for them to have sex. And while it can’t be certain that they may develop a relationship, it is undeniable that something is certainly there.

Topic 2: Norma Bates for City Council – Norma

And it isn’t just Dylan who finds a beneficial relationship in their life. Norma’s association with Christine, and the one she tries to end with Nick Ford, seems to be of great benefit to her. For one, George, Christine’s brother, lives for politics and upon Christine pushing Norma into the idea that she should run for the seat Leo no longer occupies, using Christine’s connection with the mayor of course, it seems Norma is ready to venture into politics and with one phone call, we learn she is now on city council!

But, with all this, I feel like we need to take a step back and analyze this situation. Be it Nick Ford or someone Christine is connected with, I feel one of the two definitely murdered Leo and Norma is innocent, much less naïve enough to be their little puppet. After all, she is pretty much ostracized from the town, insecure to her core, and in need of a friend. So, who better to use to push your own agenda? Not to say that Christine may not be genuine, but Nick definitely seemed like he was going to use Norma for what he personally couldn’t do, at least until Norma decided it was time to distance herself from him.

Topic 3: Norman Is Just Sensitive and Emotional – Emma & Norman/ Cody

Leaving us with the teens of this show. First off, I finally learned Emma’s boyfriend is named Gunner, after wondering what it was for weeks since it seems like they never say his name. But the real heart of this topic is when Gunner and Emma discover Cody and Norman making out at a creek. There we get a taste of Norman snapping, while in control, as Cody peer pressures, or rather supports, Emma jumping off a cliff, into freezing water, and nearly getting Emma killed. And part of the reason why I think this matters is because this is perhaps the first time we really saw Norman react like this based off his own emotions, and it not dealing with Norma. The way he coddles Emma after the jump, and chastises Cody, would make you almost think he likes her, though in reality she is perhaps the first person who really, honestly, befriended him. And also, it makes you realize that without Emma, there wouldn’t really be a potential for him and Cody. For while Emma and him never dated, she was the one to open him up to being around people outside his mother, much less open him up as a human being.

That aside, Cody and Norman’s relationship doesn’t just take a hit because of that Emma situation, but when Cody decides to tell Emma about Norman’s blackouts, possibly so Norma could know without Cody telling her, you realize why Norman doesn’t tell Emma anything. However, with Norman blacking out when he and Cody have to hide in a closet as her dad storms in unannounced, another blackout happens in which he remembers his dad beating on his mom. And being that Cody maybe falling in love with him, she does what she thinks is best. Unfortunately though, as expected, Emma tells Norma, and she tells Norma just when Norman is about to take his driving test. Thus leading to Norma ruining the opportunity and, I guess, trying to make Norman still dependent on her. But he isn’t having it and is quite pissed Norma ruined this opportunity, and even more pissed that Cody broke his trust. He even goes to her house, yells at her and then, when her dad comes out to end the ruckus, Norman accidently kills him. Albeit, it is so he can stop him from keeping Cody in a headlock, but a murder is a murder.

Collected Quotes

“You don’t have to impress anyone that you are competent, or informed, or intelligent, that’s all very obvious. There’s a depth, and a presence, and a force about you. It’s so engaging, you got to let that show. […] Don’t be so worried about bringing all this information to the meeting that you leave yourself at home. Because you’re the best part.”

“Plunge.” Bates Motel

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