Overview While love is in the air for many, it seems like this maybe just the calm before the storm. Review (with Spoilers) In this episode, it seems most of the main cast may have found someone. Norma has George, who is absent this episodes; Emma has the weed dealer, whose name escapes me; Norman…

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While love is in the air for many, it seems like this maybe just the calm before the storm.

Review (with Spoilers)

In this episode, it seems most of the main cast may have found someone. Norma has George, who is absent this episodes; Emma has the weed dealer, whose name escapes me; Norman has Cody, whose issues get revealed; and though Dylan doesn’t end up with a love interest, he certain does impress someone after a stunt he pulled. But as most of the main cast finds a hint of joy in life, the war between the Fords and Zane’s family begins to really heat up.

Topic 1: The Love Birds – Norman & Emma

Let’s begin things on a happy note by talking about Emma and Norman’s blossoming relationships. Starting with Emma, her and the weed kid seem to be in a very cute place in their relationship. Emma has butterflies in her stomach, the boy seems to be trying to play it cool to impress her, and now Emma is thinking about sex. But, with her mother dead, if I recall right, and her dad being her dad, she finds solace in having some sort of surrogate mom in Norma, who played the role well last season. But when the topic of “What was your first time like?” you can see all over Norma’s face that Emma just triggered horrible memories for her. However, she fights through the internal trauma and tells Emma what she needs to hear, and they share a cute moment reminding me of how nice their talks were when Emma was really into Norman, and Norma seemingly wanted her badly to end up Norman’s girlfriend.

But, Cody seemingly is going to fill that role and lead Norman to have a bit of a rebellious streak. You see, Cody, to me anyway, is like Bradley but with there being reciprocity in terms affection. I mean, just imagine if Norman zoned out like he did with Bradley around, do you think she would have stayed with him until he snapped out of it like Cody did? And with this, I do feel like this relationship is the type that may make me a shipper of these two. Cody is the girl who fits Norman’s type: his mom. She is troubled, has this sort of innocent side to her, but has the ability to handle herself when things get to a certain point where she can’t back away anymore. Plus, she makes him feel comfortable, which perhaps is the cutest thing about their relationship. It is give and take, he can talk about his own problems with her and she feels comfortable enough to talk about her own issues and damn if they aren’t in love. Even to the point when Norma disapproves of her, Norman defends her and seemingly she may help Norman breakaway from Norma’s thumb. Though she likely isn’t going to let that happen anytime soon, especially with Dylan now long gone.

Topic 2: Friends in High Places – Norma

But, just because her rapist brother is around, though seemingly gone for now, and her son has flown the coup, Norma isn’t like how she was before when leaving the house was a struggle. No, there are many interesting things going on in her life. George and Christina aside, Sheriff Romero is now sleeping in the motel and these two spend time together. Albeit, Romero wasn’t necessarily looking to spend quality time with Norma, but as they talk and Norma shows kindness to him, you get the feeling he is starting to see Norma in a new light. But, Romero isn’t the only friend Norma spends time with.

She also does with Nick Ford, the patriarch to the opposing drug family Dylan works for, father to the now dead school teacher, and the savior in Norma’s fight against the bypass. You see, because of Nick’s place in society he can’t do much, but the moxy that Norma has makes her what can either be seen as a good ally, or else a sacrificial lamb so if things get really bad, Nick’s name is nowhere near the situation. As of now though, things are kept moderately clean and Nick helps Norma postpone the bypass a little longer by bringing a report to the city council about some endangered animal. However, with Lee Burman dead, due to a car accident, a seemingly popular way to get rid of people in that town, perhaps with the champion of the bypass dead, the whole subject may become a dead issue?

Topic 3: The Drug War – Dylan

Which would leave Nick with more time to fight against Zane’s family, who seemingly are now going against two opponents. One being Ford’s family, and the other being Romero who beats the hell out of Zane for what he did to his house. But, while Romero may get in a few licks, likely he is going to go the legal way to get his true revenge. As for Ford? Well, he decides a drive by is proper. Leading to why Dylan is mentioned. With Dylan leaving his mom’s place, sleeping at the packing plant, and pretty much now having to prove why he got promoted back in the day, he pulls a really bad ass move. After the first drive-by, he decides to stand in the middle of the street, as they go for a second round, and he fires on them. He gets one shooter, and then soon after is hit by the car and in the hospital. When he wakes up, a blonde woman is waiting for him, talking about how her family will take care of him and then she reveals that she is his boss. And at this point, I’m hoping the way she talks and acts around him is because she is grateful he saved her brother’s life. Not because she thinks he is cute, brave, and she needs a man like him in her life.

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