With Bradley gone, a new, possibly troubled girl steps in, and as more of Norma’s past is revealed, one woman seems like she may provide some semblance of a brighter future.

Trigger Warning(s): Conversation about Rape

Review (with Spoilers)

I don’t know why all this time I thought new girl Cody was just Bradley with a dye job. But, just based on the little we’ve seen out of her thus far, my ears are peaked. As for the rest of the cast, Norma has made a new friend in Christine, the former casting director for the South Pacific musical, and even Dylan has made a new friend, though his friend is blood-related. Altogether, though certainly things do seem like they may be looking up for everyone, trouble still brews behind the scenes.

Topic 1: Say Hello to My New Friend (Norma, Norman & Dylan)

Though Norma seemingly won her part in South Pacific, due to a friend of someone also going for the role, she ended up not getting a part at all. However, with her loss comes some gain for she now has a new friend in Christine who quit when she couldn’t get Norma as lead. Then, to make things even better, this lady, Christine, seems like she wants to invest her time in Norma. Now, being a slight pessimist, which isn’t hard to be if you look at Norma’s luck, you have to wonder if Norma is being used or if Christine genuinely likes her. After all, being associated with the town’s odd new woman probably has its perks, but at the same time maybe Christine does like Norma. After all, she seemingly wouldn’t mind if her brother George and her got together.

As for Norman, like his mom, he gets something out of the South Pacific musical which was unexpected. Now, he doesn’t really get a part, he gets to be a chorus member, but the girl from the supermarket the other day shows up and seemingly this young lady, named Cody, is going to be Norman’s replacement for Bradley, as least screen time wise. Speaking of Bradley, guilt-ridden Emma, since she still hates the bitch even when she seemingly is dead, tries to make some type of beach memorial which becomes a party which, because it is for Bradley, Norman shows up to and his new buddy Cody does as well, with a boy. So, though little thoughts may have danced in my head that Cody maybe an obtainable love interest for Norman, who seemingly will join her in the production side of the musical, then there is this boy.

However! The boy is really gay and Cody thought Norman was gay, which he vehemently denies. So, maybe there might be a chance? After all, Cody fits Norman’s type: Beautifully tragic. Which, in my opinion, future episodes will illustrate.

Leading us to Dylan, the young man who seemingly was really starting to mend his relationship with Norma, but then Caleb, Norma’s rapist brother, shows up. And with Dylan not trusting of Norma, and with her being secretive, the boy gets to know Caleb on his own since, on sight, Norma kicks the man out of her house. What ensues is a relationship building to the point where Dylan willingly gives over 1000s of dollars to Caleb, for what is likely a made up place in Costa Rica that Caleb says he is going to buy off some friends.

The kicker though comes when Dylan reveals to Norma he has been hanging out with this dude and asks what is Norma’s problem? Now, Norma has told Norman what went down between her and Caleb, but not Dylan. And with her revealing the rape, we see why. He denies it is true, says she is just trying to have her way and when Norma says she never really got her way ever, it is hard to deny that she is not lying. After all, with two dead husbands, a psychopath for a son, another son who has mixed emotions about her, and potential trauma always at her door, it is rare for anything good to really happen to Norma Bates. But, what needs to be noted is Norman hearing this conversation, and knowing Caleb is around, likely may lead to his next instance of snapping. At least I think so. My money is also on him meeting Cody’s dad and maybe seeing what happened to his mom happening to her.

Topic 2: Drug Wars (Dylan & Norma)

Last thing worth mentioning is that the drug war between Zane’s family and the Fords is heating up. The Ford family retaliated with killing two of Zane’s men and Zane seemingly is looking to escalate the situation as much as possible. Now, as for what Norma has to do with this? Nick Ford, Blair Watson’s dad I believe, has taken note of Norma’s rallying against the new road which would kill her business. And it seems like, for once, Norma may have talked herself into an ally rather than an enemy. After all, the more people who come around that town, the more attention their crops will have. So though Ford can’t step out there and cause a ruckus, perhaps he can be the John McCain to Norma’s Sarah Palin?

Things To Note

We get to finally see a bit more than one or two scenes with Emma, though she mostly is hanging with the guy who gave her weed cupcakes last season. Seemingly, she wants to be bad, do things she may regret, but have fun doing them.

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