Bates Motel: Season 2/ Episode 10 “The Immutable Truth” [Season Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview If there is one thing Norma has been trying to give Norman all his life, it is a sense of normalcy. Something which seemingly maybe at its end. Review (with Spoilers) Norman has been crazy lucky this season. He got his first real taste of love, outside of his mother; accidently murdered someone, and…

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If there is one thing Norma has been trying to give Norman all his life, it is a sense of normalcy. Something which seemingly maybe at its end.

Review (with Spoilers)

Norman has been crazy lucky this season. He got his first real taste of love, outside of his mother; accidently murdered someone, and got away with it; and pretty much had the type of summer no kid would believe happened. Thing is, one final test of his luck comes with this polygraph test Romero wants. And while Dylan is for Norman having the type of protection, and likely medication, he needs, from medical professionals, Norma hasn’t given up just yet.

Topic 1: A Desolate Battlefield – Dylan

With Nick Ford dead, and Romero so conveniently seeing Dylan as he leaves the scene of the crime, Romero decides to inject himself back into the drug war. Part of the reason for this is because Dylan immediately confesses to killing Nick Ford, which seemed very weird, and then upon seeing Nick’s dead body, wheels start turning in Romero’s head. After all, with one of the families sort of wiped out now, there is just the Morgan family. But, before Romero can focus on the issue of the drugs, he seeks one of Nick’s guys, Ben, so he can find Norman.

Of which he does, and Norman is very grateful and we see Dylan very much gripping his brother tightly, perhaps taking note of what Emma said and taking this whole situation as a warning. But, now with Norman free, there comes the issue of Zayn. As we have seen, Zayn isn’t the type of guy you want running around with freedom. After all, with Nick gone, and Jodie a push over, imagine the ruckus Zayn would cause. So, with Jodie’s assistance, Romero and Dylan plan a trap.

Thing is, the trap backfires. For, lest we forget, Zayn is either paranoid, or not much of a fool. Dylan did just visit him, in a rather suspicious manner, just a few days ago, and now with Nick dead, wouldn’t it be just peachy if Zayn died too? Likely, this was his thinking, so he decided to turn off the power to Jodie’s house and Romero goes down to investigate and, being the idiots they are, Jodie goes downstairs, with Dylan following, and then there is a sibling showdown. Jodie has a knife and gets one lick in, but then Zayn puts 2+ shots in her, then points his gun at Dylan. Thankfully, for him, Romero is behind Zayn and is ready for revenge. Queue the shotgun blast dead into Zayn’s chest and now both drug families are gone, creating what Romero calls “A vacuum,” one he wants Dylan to fill since he thinks he is level headed enough. Though, from what it seems, Dylan isn’t keen on this idea.

Topic 2: Final Goodbyes – Norman

With Norman back home comes him trying to speak to Norma about that dream he had of killing Blair. Of which, naturally, Norma denies because she wants to maintain this coerced sense of normalcy. Norman is her 2nd chance, albeit vicariously, at normalcy, and with his insistence he killed Blair, she begins to make plans to get them out of town. Especially since Romero wants that polygraph test, but unbeknownst to her, Norman has his own plans. The first part deals with telling Emma why the family was so distant meaning, yes, Emma knows all the details about Dylan and Norma’s situation in terms of the rape and his dad being his uncle. And the reason this is done is because, while Emma can’t know of Norman’s own personal issues in details, at the very least she can get some form of this closeness to the Bates she desires through this bit of information. So, with this knowledge bestowed, Norman hopes she will reconsider staying, if just for his mother’s sake.

The next thing Norman does is spend some time with his mom. They clean together, dance a bit, and he thanks her for all she has done. Especially getting a gun. For, upon realizing what he has done, and likely has done during those blackouts, he has lost his reason to live. And while Norma seemingly is ready to go to Montreal, with Dylan by the way who is very touched she bought a ticket for him, Norman is ready to end things. But, Norma stops him if just by promising him that if he kills himself, she will die soon after.

Topic 3: A Verdict – Norman

With that said, and Montreal being taken off the table since Dylan seemingly convinces Norma to just face the possible inevitable, it is time for the polygraph test. Now, Norman answers every question honestly. He admits to stealing money, sex with Blair, and even hurting people. However, upon the question of murdering Blair, his mind’s version of Norma appears and she tells him she did it. With this, his mind seemingly changes course and he ends up passing the polygraph, making him probably the luckiest boys in the world.

Well, unless you consider him killing his dad; helping his mom hide a body; one of his first loves never loving him back and leaving; his first true love leaving since he killed her dad; his brother having a love/ hate relationship with him; a cop who has way too much interest in his family and knows way too much; and an innocent girl who wants so badly to be part of his family, but doesn’t realize it would be best to just mind her business. Either way, I hope next season school starts because between Blair’s murder, and all that happened during the summer, imagine what the kids will be saying, much less, considering all the reoccurring characters for this season are gone, including Christine who hates Norma now, we need some new blood.

Things To Note

Christine is thoroughly pissed at Norma and threatened her seat on the council.


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