As the final season begins, while there is minor drama, it seems we may finally have the calm after the storm(s).

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As the final season begins, while there is minor drama, it seems we may finally have the calm after the storm(s).

Episode Title Magic Bird #1
Aired 7/9/2021
Network Netflix
Directed By Tom Magill
Written By D.J. Ryan


A Rocky Start – Sam, Zahid, Paige, Elsa

While Sam is glad for some kind of independence, he then realizes dealing with Zahid at work and living with him? Yeah, two completely separate experiences. At work, Zahid is fun and cool, a little weird, but the kind which makes you feel normal. However, as a roommate? He isn’t fun, his eccentricities evolve into annoyances, and he has little love for rules.

Because of this, Sam complains to Elsa and Paige, which lead both to speak on the possibility of moving back home. However, Sam doesn’t want to throw in the towel so quickly when he just started.

Labels Are Weird – Izzie, Evan, Doug, Casey, Elsa

Casey and Izzie looking at each other

While Casey and Izzie are good, things are weird between Casey and Doug since he has this idea, she and Evan will be on again and off again since he doesn’t know about Izzie. So, with him being the last to know and Elsa not wanting to hold this secret or tell Casey’s business, she advocates for her to join her school’s GSA. The problem with that is, while Izzie gets a lot out of it, Casey doesn’t. Thus, she feels more isolated and abnormal than ever.

However, rather than let the situation fester, she just comes out to Doug, who cares but isn’t having the negative reaction Casey feared.

Rules – Zahid, Sam, Paige

Thanks to Paige’s advice, Sam decides that rules should be put in place so he and Zahid can get along. However, with the original set of rules all in Sam’s favor, Zahid eventually rebels. This leads to them agreeing on three rules each, including Zahid being allowed to sleep in, being able to do dishes in funny voices, if they stay in the sink more than a day, and Sam? Zahid can’t crunch his apples so loud, Costco purchases will need to be approved by both of them, and they mutually agreed on the rule: No smoking weed around Edison.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. While Izzie is out at school, should we assume, based on previews, she isn’t at home?



Everyone’s Story Is Different

Izzie connecting with the GSA while Casey does not

Owning a label, coming out, and dealing with the potential fallout is a challenge. But what is also a challenge is when you seek community and the people with who you should identify with, you don’t. This seems to be the case for Casey, who doesn’t necessarily have a typical journey to her sexuality. Which, possibly, she doesn’t even like the idea of defining, especially in the way the GSA member put it out.

Now, whether it is just the political correctness of pronouns and just not relating to that one person, or just generally being uncomfortable in queer spaces? It isn’t clear which made Casey not enjoy the experience. However, with Izzie doing so, it might mean repeat visits and diving deeper into what it means for Casey to like and love Izzie.

Zahid and Sam sitting in silence, in their apartment
Atypical: Season 4/ Episode 1 [Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
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While Sam continues to be an example of all that people with autism can do, slowly but surely, Casey is evening up the top benefit of watching this show with her coming-out story.
Everyone's Story Is Different

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