Atypical: Season 3, Episode 5 “Only Tweed” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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As Paige hosts a dinner party to raise her, and Sam’s, spirits, Gretchen causes drama. Oh, and we meet Elsa’s mom!

Director(s) Victor Nelli Jr.
Writer(s) D.J. Ryan
Air Date 11/1/2019
Introduced This Episode
Elsa’s Mom Jenny O’Hara

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You Have To Show Up: Evan, Casey, Izzie, Gretchen, Doug

With Evan gung-ho about maybe becoming an EMT, Doug has no issue trying to get him started and pave the way for him. The problem is, he doesn’t show up. This bothers Casey, since she may no longer feel the need to press him about college, but she wants to see him do something with his life, and being an EMT she likely respects more than a pizza boy.

But what makes this disappointment into an issue is she tells Izzie, and during a dinner party Paige set up, she gets into a tiff with Evan. Add in Zahid’s girlfriend, Gretchen, thinking Izzie and Casey were a couple, and the sparks fly. Well, at least until Evan reveals he is dyslexic and has a worry he’d do badly on the written exam and have wasted people’s time and money.

School Trouble: Paige, Sam, Professor Judd, Gretchen

Sam learning he got an F.

Paige is on the verge of being expelled for throwing a burrito, which scalded someone’s face, and Sam gets his first F for not talking during a Socratic seminar. Yet, with so many people talking on top of one another, and Professor Judd not leaving room for him, what is he to do? Well, do a paper and get a C. This doesn’t make Sam happy, but with him being of the mindset that passing is better than failing, that’s all that matters to him.

Plus, after talking to Gretchen, or rather debating her, he realizes he can do the Socratic seminar, it is just he has to assert himself more than he is used to.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Are college professors, at all, obligated to adapt to students like Sam?

We All Could Use A Win: Paige, Elsa, Elsa’s Mom

Due to Paige struggling socially at school, she decides it would just be best to drop out. And she isn’t the only one struggling, by the way, Elsa sees her mom who treats her like the neighbor’s kid, and that messes with her head a bit.

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Gretchen Seems Like A Fun Inclusion To The Show

What you have to love about Gretchen is that she is like Zahid and Casey in terms of not tiptoeing around Sam. She treats him like he is atypical and has no problem going back and forth with him. Heck, even when he is getting agitated, she doesn’t back down, and whether that was her Miyagi’ing him or just enjoying the conversation, it seems she’ll add to Sam’s growth. Now, mind you, she’ll also add to the drama, via saying Casey and Izzie seem like a couple, but it’s not a farfetched idea.

Elsa’s Mom!

More and more Elsa is stepping out from being Doug’s wife hoping that he’ll do or say something so things can go back to what was normal for them. This is so appreciated for it feels like we’re actually getting to know Elsa the person and not Elsa as a mom or wife. So with seeing her mom, and her just talking about her childhood with Izzie, it brings a sense of excitement.

Paige Dropping Out Of School

Sam reconfiguring his approach to life and school is growth for him, and Paige straight-up dropping out of school seems like growth for her as well. Mostly due to the fact she is so structured, so planned out, that her veering away from that leads you to believe she recognizes she can’t mentally adhere to that without going crazy.

Paige noting she dropped out of Bowdoin.

Leaving you to wonder, what is next for her?

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Gretchen Seems Like A Fun Inclusion To The Show - 85%
Elsa’s Mom! - 86%
Paige Dropping Out Of School - 87%


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