Season 3 ends with decisions being made that will shape everyone’s future for the better. Well, at least in terms of their relationships with each other.

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Season 3 ends with decisions being made that will shape everyone’s future for the better. Well, at least in terms of their relationships with each other.

Director(s) Ken Whittingham
Writer(s) Robia Rashid
Air Date 11/1/2019

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The End Of The Affair: Megan, Doug, Elsa

Remember that conference in New York? Well, the weekend hits, and Doug goes. However, with it becoming clear Megan has feelings for Doug, as he has for her, so comes the question of what to do next? Well, ultimately what happens is Megan giving Doug a kiss goodbye as he rushes to be with Elsa.

Someone who was rushing to get to him, to save her marriage, and they end up bumping their cars into each other in the process. But to show us, the viewer, they are truly back on, Doug places his wedding ring onto his finger.

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  1. How do you feel about Megan’s part in Doug being unsure whether to be with Elsa or not?

The Search For Zahid: Abby, Paige, Casey, Zahid, Gretchen, Sam

To make a roundabout story short, Gretchen ends up breaking Zahid’s heart by ditching him at the altar for her ex-boyfriend. This leads to Sam going to the batting cages where Zahid is trying to make himself hurt less by getting hit by the balls. But, with the impact not being hard enough with a coat on, he removes the coast, and Sam jumps in front and is hit in the ribs. With this happening, and Sam explaining that he didn’t de-homie Zahid as Zahid did him, it leads to them reconciling.

Casey reassuring Paige.

But, on the way to them coming back together, we must mention Abby being of great help, as well as Paige. Someone who finds in Casey an odd ally. One who helps her mentally prep for the next chapter of her life by reassuring her. Granted, with some hesitation, since she doesn’t want Paige getting too close, but the sentiment from her boyfriend’s sister, maybe a friend to her outright, isn’t lost on her.

Reunited & It Feels So Good: Paige, Sam, Zahid, Evan, Casey, Izzie, Julia

After the events of the episode, the next chapter for the younger members of the cast are set up, and we get an idea of what is to come if season 4 happens. For Paige? Well, she will continue being with Sam, who grows sweeter by the day, and she will be Julia’s nanny.

As for Casey? Well, she will work hard to get into UCLA, continue her relationship with Izzie, and will work on her friendship with Evan, and be as supportive as she can as he pursues being an EMT.

Which leaves us with Sam and Zahid. Well, despite the whirlwind which swept up their friendship, they are closer than ever. Hence why Zahid thinks they are ready for the next step: Being roommates. An idea Sam accepts and will set up his next great journey.

Zahid asking Sam to be his roomie.

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  1. Anyone else find it odd how comfortable Sam is with hugs from people now?



Imagining Sam and Zahid As Roommates

Let’s set aside how quickly things recovered and the side-eye that deserves. You have it set aside? Good. So, let’s focus on getting more Zahid and also trying to figure how Sam would adjust to Elsa not doing a lot for him and Paige likely wanting to stay over more. Never mind her likely conflicting with Zahid, especially if she ever learns what he said about her relationship with Sam.

Though, even with that thought, there is also the issue of Zahid may be getting jealous. After all, we saw what happened with Gretchen. Zahid changed nearly his whole person to be with her just so that he felt seen, loved, and got to bone. So unless Abby becomes his next girl, you have to wonder how will he handle being single, not connecting with his peers, and living with Sam and having to experience, full-time, at work and home, his neurosis.

Paige’s Next Chapter

With Paige working under Julia, helping to raise Hanzo, so comes her next chapter after suffering in a potato outfit. One which could not only provide her direction, but a consistent source of maternal love. Plus, considering how much time she’ll be with Hanzo, it could spark the idea of babies. But, a part of me wonders, rather than wanting babies, what if it sparks the idea Paige doesn’t want kids and her wrestling with the concept of truly being a woman with a career who doesn’t seek to have it all but simply her partner and a fulfilling work life?

Julia not realizing she was interviewing Sam's Paige.

Casey Making Up With Evan

While we won’t know until next year how Evan is processing his girlfriend now dating a girl, or if he honestly cares, you have to love them becoming friends again. Though, one thing we’re not factoring in is Izzie. With Evan and Casey breaking up as they did, she now was under the impression she had Casey to herself with no threats, since Casey really doesn’t have friends. However, now with her ex being her de-facto best friend, there is a need to question how that will be handled? Especially since Izzie now has to deal with the idea of Casey going to Evan for advice on her relationship, and how that could influence things.

Leading you to wonder, considering how Doug handled Elsa cheating and how much Casey fears becoming like her parents, will we see something similar next season? Just remixed to fit the situation?

Doug & Elsa Back Together

Can we be honest for a second? Doug wasn’t that interesting of a character when he was left to fend for himself, and Elsa, as she expanded to being a maternal figure to Paige, and got closer to Casey, was starting to show she really did not need him. So Doug gets so much more out of this than her.

Yet, there is a serious hope here she doesn’t regress just because they are back together. She was looking into college, and with her expertise playing a role in Doug’s consulting business at one time, maybe she could play a larger role in that? For I doubt we’ve seen the last of Megan and that kiss, while not hot, definitely showed she has feelings, and it isn’t clear if she is willing to break things off and abandon things. Nevermind could keep her feelings to herself if she continues to work with Doug.

Low Point

How Gretchen Was Handled

Gretchen revealing she left Zahid at the altar and is getting back with her ex.

Like Nate, it seems Gretchen wasn’t made to be more than something or someone to hate. But what made the Gretchen situation worse is that Gretchen seemingly was made to be more than that. She actually had potential but, for whatever reason, she became some quick and easy way to attempt to make Zahid seem less like a saint.

However, with a quick reversal, and Zahid back to he once was, it makes you wonder if that was the real point of introducing Gretchen? For, if so, that feels incredibly lazy considering all the different ways Sam and Zahid could and would have had fights. I mean, just the idea of Sam doing well at school, having a relationship, and Zahid struggling could have been a big enough thing.

On The Fence

Izzie and Casey

You know when a relationship starts it is cute, makes you feel squiggly inside, and things like that? I feel that we’ve gotten past that part with Izzie, and now that she and Casey are real, the spark is starting to fade. For while there were a lot of issues with Evan, there is something about Izzie that doesn’t seem worse, in terms of what she could be with Casey, but like they’ll face issues which are bigger deals.

For example, there is this vibe that Casey isn’t just in love with Casey but what she can offer, what she has. Meaning, she loves the sense of stability, how dedicated Casey can be, and with her having the background she, Izzie, has, I do wonder if that is a bigger part of the attraction than the person. Alongside that, as Casey said, there are a bit too many apologies, and it isn’t like Izzie is apologizing over little things. Kissing a guy, knowing Casey could see, goes beyond a lot of what Evan did. Making you wonder, is Izzie trying to figure things out a good enough reason to let some of these things go?

Plus, with Casey wanting to go to UCLA and what that calls for, does she really have time to be there for Izzie as we know she’ll need her to be? After all, it isn’t like Izzie’s mom is going to get better. Also, you and I both know with Evan back in Casey’s life, that is GUARANTEED to cause issues. All of which may lead Casey to be vulnerable and have cute moments with her family, but likely will mess things up, in regards to her goals.


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Casey Making Up With Evan - 89%
Doug & Elsa Back Together - 85%
Paige’s Next Chapter - 84%
How Gretchen Was Handled - 60%
Izzie and Casey - 75%


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