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Atypical: Season 2/ Episode 9 “Ritual-licious” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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It’s Casey’s 16th birthday and Elsa delivers something Casey didn’t think to wish for. Probably because she wasn’t aware she wanted it. Also, Sam continues to be an ass towards Paige.

Director(s)Ryan Case
Writer(s)Mike Oppenhuizen, D.J. Ryan
Air Date9/7/2018

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It’s Still Too Awkward: Doug, Elsa, Nick

While they had sex, and have grown close, it seems Doug is still seeing Nick around when he is with Elsa. Making their intimacy a bit too awkward. Which Elsa understands but does find disheartening. But, at least the sex seemed good enough where the possibility of really getting back together can happen.


Else definitely pushed for too much too fast and should have waited for couples counseling. For now, Doug seems ready to confront Nick and do who knows what. Like maybe get his ass whooped or arrested. Which, if I recall correctly, being an EMT with a record – I don’t know if that is possible.

Sam Has A Secret: Sam, Bailey, Zahid, Paige

Outside of convenience, and liking his art, it isn’t clear why Bailey likes making out with Sam, but she does. He likes it too but isn’t necessarily all that jazzed about keeping it a secret. For while he does like rules, remember he isn’t really that much for lying.

Which becomes difficult for Zahid seems to know Sam very well. Enough to know he is kissing someone anyway. With Zahid no longer in high school, much less Sam’s, knowing who he kissed is just assumed to be Paige – which it isn’t. Yet, Zahid assumes it is and it leads to a very awkward moment for Paige who finds herself embarrassed yet again.


Zahid teasing, and proud, Sam is kissing somebody.

Zahid: You’ve been smooching.

I need them to stop doing Paige dirty like this. It was sort of comical before but I’m feeling as bad for her as I do Elsa at this point. Since, can you imagine dealing with Sam’s brutal honesty while having feelings for him? It really makes Paige seem like a sucker for punishment for he is willing to lie about having sex with some girl, possibly knowing it would hurt Paige’s feelings, but he won’t lie about kissing some girl? It’s like he finds some weird joy in messing with Paige’s emotions. Almost like, bringing that power dynamic thing back, he likes messing with her because it allows him to feel as people who bullied, or messed with him, felt.

Not to paint Sam as a bad guy but, if we don’t look at Sam’s autism as an excuse for his behavior, since he does show the ability to have empathy, it really makes him look like an ass****. With that said, I really do want to know why Bailey is making out with Sam. Why she likes him and why she feels the need to keep what they do a secret? It really is bugging me.

Coming of Age: Izzie, Sam, Casey, Elsa, Evan

Sam and Elsa present ulterior motives when it comes to Casey’s birthday party. For Sam, he has this ritual which was born out of Elsa trying to have Sam focus on his sister for his birthday but evolved into how he keeps his turtle alive. As for Elsa, with things becoming better between her and Doug, as well as her and Casey, it seems she wanted to really test how good things got.

Which kind of failed. Mostly because Casey isn’t a big party person and while she learns to enjoy it, then Izzie and the track team shows up. On top of that, Sam is bugging Casey about the ritual and it really does become too much. Especially since Evan, who still is in awe of Casey’s family, can’t keep up trying to downplay all Elsa does and pretend like he wouldn’t love for that to happen in his life.

Luckily, despite their fight, Izzie is willing to console and make up with Casey. Leading to a forehead promise, which Izzie makes up, and them nearly kissing. That is, until Elsa comes in without knocking, waiting, and saying she can enter. Which is followed by Casey being awkward and making a point to kiss Evan, for a good minute, in front of Izzie.

Oh, and Sam got into Denton but didn’t say anything for he didn’t want the news to shadow Casey’s birthday.


Is it wrong I found it funny when Evan asked Sharice: “You too?” after what happened in Casey’s room? Was that a joke which was supposed to be for the viewers or nah? That aside, Sam holding back his acceptance news is why I think he is an ass towards Paige. He knew better than to shadow Paige’s day, knowing how she feels about Sam consuming a lot of the attention of their family, yet he can’t have the same kind of empathy for Paige’s feelings?

It’s like, on one hand, you want to say it is Sam’s autism and his need to be presented with an example and discussion to get something. Yet, on the other hand, you don’t know where that line is between what comes from Sam being on the spectrum to what is simply Sam’s personality. Which, as a viewer, it makes you feel uncomfortable since you feel like you can’t really understand or judge Sam because that line can’t be generalized. To compare, it is like Amber’s snarky comments during the group sessions. What is because of autism, seemingly, making you very blunt with the truth and Amber simply being Amber? Can the two even be separated?

That aside, I take back what I said – I’m down for Izzie and Casey being a thing. For that kissing scene had me jumping with glee. Probably because Casey is one of the few good things in Izzie’s life so you want her to be happy. Yet, there still comes the issue of whether Izzie broke up with Nate and how Evan will be handled when it comes to this. For there is always the option these girls sneak around and Casey learns sympathy for her mom through cheating on Evan.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, who would you consider the person who made the first move? Izzie did go to Casey’s room, and came up with the forehead thing, but Casey did close her eyes, as Izzie seemed unsure, and went for it.


  1. Things not being completely smooth as Doug and Elsa’s relationship recovers.
  2. Izzie and Casey’s chemistry.

Low Points

  1. The treatment of Paige is getting ridiculous.

On The Fence

  1. So is Bailey going to explain her feelings for Sam or are we supposed to just consider him attractive like anyone else and so he gets a random kissing partner?
  2. Doug confronting Nick and where that may lead.

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