Jeannie asking if Matthew would like to talk about the letters she sent and Anne replied to.
Jeannie: Would you like to talk about the letters, Matthew?

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Alongside Gilbert finding direction for his life, Anne tries to push Matthew in one which may make him happier.

Director(s) Anne Wheeler
Writer(s) Jane Maggs
Air Date 7/7/2018
Actors Introduced
Ruth Greta Onieogou

Doctor Blythe: Ruth, Gilbert, Sebastian

In Gilbert’s search for discovery he finds himself knowing for sure he doesn’t want to be a farmer, but doing the work Sebastian does doesn’t tickle him either. But, while in Port of Spain, he finds himself helping a woman deliver a baby, Ruth, and between helping her give birth, and fixing it being a breach, it seems he might want to be a doctor. An idea planted by Sebastian and considering how Gilbert’s mom died in childbirth, and how he’d likely would want to save other women from such a fate, might be his destiny.


Sebastian talking to Gilbert.With knowing Gilbert and Anne are destined to be, it makes you wonder how much longer will he be out to sea going from port to port? Granted, outside of Anne, there isn’t much reason to return home and while I’m sure Avonlea could use a doctor, why would he settle there? As shown, he, with guidance from Sebastian, is learning how to be a man and be worldly. So while he may have a home, a farm, and friends in Avonlea, has his mind come to the conclusion he could have that anywhere?

Well, considering he sent off a letter to Anne, replying to hers about gold maybe being on his farm, we’ll see where his mind is.

A Time To Put Away Childish Antics: Mr. Barry, Mrs. Barry, Diana, Minnie May

Being that Mr. Barry is embarrassed by his jumping on Nate’s con without much question, he has become a bit distant. Seemingly hasn’t even been that social. This includes with his wife who still is very high strong about the fact she was not only left out of the decision to spend their money but not is being blamed for not bringing any in. Add on now she fears when her girls, or if, they can go to finishing school and she is in a real tizzy.

One which has her decide that it is time for Diana, even Minnie May, to become ladies and stop being children. That is until she realizes how negatively it effects her relationship with them and each other. So, after having a real conversation with Mr. Barry, it is decided her children may be kids a while longer.


Mr. and Mrs. Berry talking.

It’s a bit strange more is being done with Diana’s parents than her and even Jerry combined. Not to say that is a bad thing but it would be nice to see a bit more development for those two. But considering how upset Mrs. Barry has been for the past few episodes, perhaps the reconciliation should be considered a part of them wrapping up the gold grifting storyline? Plus, with Diana fully free to be a child, and considering the family’s money woes, perhaps Mrs. Barry may adapt to a new way of thinking. Not by lowering her standards, mind you, but perhaps her expectations for Diana and Minnie May.

Apologies For What Was and Wasn’t Done: Jeannie, Matthew, Anne

Though what could have been the love of Marilla’s life is no longer available, when it comes to Matthew, there is still a real chance for love. One beyond what he has for his sister and Anne. Thus leading Anne, who decides to meddle in adult affairs, to reply to Jeannie’s unanswered letters on his behalf. Something which doesn’t anger Matthew as much as it disappoints him. However, as noted by Rachel, when Michael died everything pretty much stopped for the family so this kick in the pants might be long overdue.

Though it isn’t clear if this may just mean Matthew spending more time with Jeannie or if they may pick up, truly, from where they left off in school.


Anne explaining why she meddled in Matthew's affairs.
Anne: I just didn’t want you to miss out on love.

I want to say the story behind Michael’s death wasn’t fully explored, though it could just be the time length between seasons leading to a memory lapse. But with that one moment making it where Matthew gave up on love and Marilla, in my mind, becoming a bit cautious, if not fearful, of the outside world, it makes you question if they may ever dig into that subject matter.

Well, we know Marilla and Matthew likely won’t, anytime soon, but maybe Rachel will blab about it. We got some flashbacks in the last season, so maybe that could be repeated again. Meeting Michael, maybe learning he was like Anne, could help deepen why there was a bit of callousness on Marilla’s part but also optimistic caution by Matthew.

As for Anne, and her part in all this, you have to feel for the poor girl. Here she is going on adventures, an imagination which knows no bounds, and she herself not having much in the way of boundaries, for a lack of a better term, and yet her caretakers are homebodies. Two people who barely go to town, haven’t gone to the beach in decades, and seemingly haven’t truly lived in years. They just survive, pay their bills, eat and find some sort of contentment in solitude.

In a way, you can understand why she wants them to experience just a morsel of what she does first hand rather than vicariously. Yet, how do you push people in their golden years to be active? Never mind, being that Anne is still very much affected by her time in the asylum, pushing them to be more without leading to them pushing you away?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

It’s a powerful thing to have done someone wrong when you truly didn’t intend it. – Marilla


  1. Matthew and Jeannie having an in-person conversation again.
  2. Barry and Mrs. Barry getting over themselves and remembering their marriage isn’t just the sake for status and appearances but something born out of love – most likely.
  3. Gilbert perhaps finding some sense of purpose.

On The Fence

  1. A need to question if Diana is just going to remain someone in awe of Anne or the subject of her mother’s expectations, or have her own thing? Alongside if Jerry will become more than the farmhand who occasionally gets spoken to.

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  1. “Comparisons are odious” according to John Lydgate in his “Debate between the horse, goose, and sheep” circa 1440. Nevertheless they have their consolations. So, I would like to note I am even slower than either Benjamin or Amari in the speed of watching successive episodes — it took me 3 days to complete Season 1, and Season 2 is going even slower.

    I blame Amari for my deceleration; but I mean that in the nicest way. I just discovered his excellent reviews and recaps, and cannot wait to read after watching each episode. Besides, since I am such a tortoise, I get to read the comments of the hares racing ahead of me. And they are providing me with such fresh insights that I am soon going to have to blow the dust of my old book and read Anne of Green Gables again.

  2. Believe me when I say binge viewing, especially when you go episode by episode, is a serious burn out and takes a toll on how you view something. So even if broken up over 3 days, it just feels unhealthy. And with this not being the sole thing I do, it can be a bit much quick. Hence why most shows take almost a week to finish but I love this program so it was a rare weekender.

    That a shame about Jerry. I quite like the character and had a mini-back and forth with the actor on Twitter. Seems like a nice chap.

    I just need Diana’s change to be on screen and not just assumed in the background. While being around Ann and interacting with who Ann finds to be a kindred spirit has likely been influential, certain changes seen later on seem to not stew but be like a microwave change. Even with there being months between episodes.

    I’m just trying to figure, when it comes to Gilbert, considering his purpose, how does that work with the one Anne decides on. Especially considering Gilbert’s iffy feelings towards Avonlea?

  3. Wow, you really burnt through this season fast. My current work/life schedule doesn’t permit binge viewing, so I’m taking it a bit slower… hope my comments aren’t made redundant by your viewing of subsequent episodes.

    Just in response to the closing remarks you made in this review about character development.

    In the books, Jerry is only mentioned in passing and the main characters barely exchange two words with him. Other media adaptations cut him out of the story completely. He’s already had lots more screentime and dialogue than I’d have expected given he’s effectively just an extra in the source material.

    As for Diana… one of the cornerstones of the “Anne Of Green Gables” saga is that Diana and Anne remain friends for their entire lives. So yes, you can expect she’ll be around for some time (or at least as long as this series lasts) and she’ll change as she grows up.

    Oh, and your remark about Gilbert finding a purpose… without wanting to spoil things too much, this episode foreshadowed his future profession in a way that’s very on the nose to those familiar with the books but will probably go over the heads of those who are not.

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