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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Tanya continues to try to plan an easy life far away from the front lines, she talks herself into gaining a position which would place here there.

Topic 1: Strategic Manipulation (Tanya)

A 6 month time jump happens and Tanya is well adjusted to campus life. Though with her still very focused on having an easy life in the rear echelons, she is making very calculated moves. One of which includes talking Captain Uger out of pursuing a promotion so he can spend more time with his daughter, someone he doesn’t want to see one day in the position Tanya is. Be it a soldier period or living this fabricated story of a father who died and then having a mother who abandoned her. Leaving, really, no real stable option besides the military.


To me, Tanya makes for an interesting focus if only because, sort of like Frank Underwood in House of Cards, we are following a very wicked, yet calculated, person. One which sees little minor victories of here and there, but then the rug gets pulled from under them. With that comeuppance, you are not only glad the world has smacked them down but also excited to see how they plan to turn a bad situation into their favor.

For example, when watching her speak to Captain Uger, I fell for her trap like Uger did. I thought she was speaking genuinely about her reasons for joining the military and was really showing some form of compassion and empathy. Then it was revealed she just wanted him to be one less person she competed with and I felt had. I loved it since this show is essentially about Tanya becoming a better person, a person with faith, and just when you think Being X may have broken her, you learn it was all a game.

Topic 2: The Mage Battalion (Tanya)

In the last episode, during a strategic meeting, it was noted that a rapid response team would be good for the empire and Tanya’s name was brought up. In this episode, General Zettour decides to meet with Tanya, especially after Lt. Colonel Rerugen has given her such a bad reputation. Now, being that Tanya has plans for an easy life, she does her best to impress Zettour in order to try to get some strategic planning position far away from the front lines. Leading to her talking about a Mage Battalion. Something he decides to have her write a proposal for and it seems, not until the end, she doesn’t realize she wrote up her own strategy to going right to where she was running from.


It has been awhile since this show has shown some quality action and so with Tanya, who shall be promoted to organizer, and eventually captain, now likely to have 48 mages under her, I expect good things. For with it being established fully who Tanya is, how she treats her underlings, and how she handled both battlefield and office strategy, it is like things are coming full circle now. So all that is left is a reminder that this manipulative little girl can be quite the soldier and leader. Even if that isn’t what she really wants to do.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Based on the geological location, and the flag of the empire, it seems Tanya is fighting for what would be pre-Nazi Germany. Though I could be wrong.

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