With Tsukiyama taken down, the doves and Jason return to prominence.

Review (with Spoilers)

The relationship between Hinami and Ryoko is the primary focus after Toka and Tsukiyama face off. Driving the idea that while ghouls can be fearsome and dangerous creatures, they at the same time are more than capable of creating families, communities, and forming bonds with humans. For more on the episode, look below.

Topic 1: A Battle for the Ages – Toka & Tsukiyama

With Toka eating a bit of Kaneki’s flesh leads to her appearing almost like an S-Ranked ghoul. She has these phoenix-like wings and despite all the power Tsukiyama has, he pretty much is put on the defensive for their whole fight. Truly showing that one’s diet can have a dramatic effect on one’s power since, if you remember, while Toka was able to defeat Kaneki when they faced off, she was left injured taking him down. However, in this fight, Tsukiyama hardly gets to lay a hand on her and she mutilates him to the point of the show having to blur his injuries.

Leaving one problem left: Kimi. As Toka noted to Kaneki, humans can’t know of their existence because then they become a liability. So, Toka is all ready to kill Kimi until Nishio steps in and takes Toka’s attack. And being that Toka wants to get rid of a loose end, even if she is begged to stop, she once more goes for the kill, but stops when Kimi calls her pretty. Leading to the idea that while Toka has learned how to integrate with humans, and accept she is a ghoul, something about being a ghoul makes her feel inherently ugly. Even to the point of one random human finding her pretty, despite being in full ghoul mode with her kagune exposed, stopping her from being able to do her duty.

Topic 2: Guess Who’s Back? – Jason, Hinami, Ryoko and Nishio

Not allowing us anytime to recover from one villain’s defeat, Amon and Mr. Mado return after their short hiatus and face off against Jason. Someone who isn’t a type of ghoul, but simply an infamous 13th ward ghoul who, if you recall, asked Dr. Fueguchi to recreate the weapon Rize lead him to lose. Something which forced his wife Ryoko, and daughter Hinami, to seek refuge in Anteiku. Though what is interesting about seeing Jason, without the mask and all, is that he doesn’t seem as loopy as when we met him in episode one. And with Jason not being a type of ghouls, nor group it seems, it makes me wonder: who does he work for?

Though it seems Ryoko and Hinami are no longer the only ones living within Anteiku, after spending who knows how long starving and weak, Nishio decides to formally join the Anteiku in order to get “Guilt-Free” meals in exchange for him working in the café. But while things are looking up for Nishio, Ryoko is dealing with Hinami becoming increasingly adamant about seeing her father. A problem for Ryoko since she, possibly, knows her husband is dead.

Topic 3: Orphaned – Hinami, Mr. Mado, Amon and Jason

Something which gets confirmed for us as we watch Jason nearly kill Dr. Fueguchi without really providing us a compelling reason. For while it looks like Jason maybe working for the doves, I think their arrival is a bit of a coincidence since Mr. Mado’s main target has been Jason for a while now. So, as you would expect, upon meeting face to face they square off, with Amon trying to help; but with Jason being more powerful than the dove’s weapon known as “Quinque,” he escapes them, with ego attached, and all that is left if Dr. Fueguchi who has a hole in his sternum.

Making it so while Mr. Mado and Amon may have missed the opportunity to get Jason, they do kill Dr. Fueguchi and gather enough information from his offices to know of his daughter and wife. Leading to a short-lived manhunt for after reconciling, Hinami and Ryoko go shopping for a new book for Hinami to read, as well as a book for her father’s birthday. But being that they were without their masks, and apparently doves can sense ghouls from a distance, they end up getting caught. Leaving us with watching Hinami run as Ryoko uses her kagune to buy her time. Making it seem, after Mr. Mado, Amon, and two doves are done, Hinami will likely be an orphan.

Things To Note

Hide is in the episode and is shocked to see Nishio working at Anteiku. Also, he still seems to maybe have a thing for Toka so maybe he might be the one who opens Toka up to love perhaps?

Formerly, seemingly before Hinami came around, Dr. Fueguchi worked for some shady group that likely Jason works for. What did he do exactly? It is hard to say, but making weapons seemingly was part of his job, if not also may be working as their in-house doctor. Leading to perhaps the sole reason I can wrap my head around Jason nearly killing him: going from helping his own race to almost solely aiding and medicating humans.

It seems Kaneki is doing a real good job teaching Hinami to read because she finishes the book we last saw her with and she claims to know all the kanji in it now. In fact, Kaneki is such a good teacher that Hinami wanted a new book to read to learn more and to impress her daddy.


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