To Your Eternity: Season 1/ Episode 5 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

While To Your Eternity flirted with death before, it decides it is time to make viewers cry again.

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March smiling as Parona says they are going home

While To Your Eternity flirted with death before, it decides it is time to make viewers cry again.

Episode Name Those Who Follow
Directed By Masahiko Murata
Written By Shinzō Fujita
Aired (Crunchyroll) 5/10/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Pioran Rikako Aikawa

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The Grand Escape – Pioran, Parona, March, Fushi

After March slowing things down, since she doesn’t want Parona to cut up Oniguma for evidence, off they go, and it seems, alongside Pioran and Fushi, they’ll make it to Ninannah without issue.

A Child’s Sacrifice – Hayase, Parona, March, Fushi

At least, that is until Hayase catches up with them, and Parona takes it upon herself to both distract March while fighting off Hayase and her men. However, there comes the point when Parona gets overwhelmed, and March jumps in to save her and ends up killed.

March taking an arrow for Parona
March taking an arrow for Parona

This leads to Fushi turning into Oniguma and just ripping up the Yanome village and scarring Hayase for life. But, with no family of her own, beyond March, the sacrifice becomes a bit much for Parona to bear, so she was all but ready to kill herself in front of Hayase rather than finish Hayse off. However, the spirit of March guides the now calm Fushi to stop Parona, and he forces her to live.

The Journey Continues – Hayase, Parona, March, Fushi, Pioran

Which leads to Fushi bringing Parona, and seemingly Pioran, to Ninnanah, and uniting Parona with her village. There we see tears shed, Fushi transform, and we learn Hayase is seemingly still chasing them. However, with seeing what Fushi could do, Parona tells him to run and live his life, and thus he transforms into a wolf and later March, to live the life she couldn’t. You know, similar to how he lived the original Fushi’s life previously. And from what it appears, Pioran will be the new Parona, and act as Fushi’s guide – hopefully not one that ends up sacrificed for a learning experience.

Commentary/ Review

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I Wasn’t Expecting That

So now comes the question if we should expect whoever Fushi bonds with the most to die? Because, after the fake-out with Parona, I can’t be the only one who thought March would live, right? We see in the intro, if I recall correctly, she is older, and we’re led to believe she’d get older and enjoy life but who knew that would be a lie?

An older version of March
An older version of March

Mind you, I appreciate it, for it kept me in a space of disbelief when she died and made the impact of the life she isn’t going to live harder to accept. But I’m going to need them to not do that again.

Another Chapter Closes

While it is sad we will likely not see Parona ever again, or for a long time, it’s nice that every 2 to 3 episodes, a new journey, and new characters are introduced. It’ll keep things fresh, and considering this is either going to be two cours or just 20 episodes back to back, it has to have something to keep things from getting stale or making us feel like we’re getting filler.

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I Wasn't Expecting That - 88%
Another Chapter Closes - 87%


A shocking death pushes To Your Eternity to be taken a bit more seriously, as it proves itself capable of pulling at your heartstrings multiple times. Though whether it can do so again by the methods it used? That's a different story.

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