As Fushi struggles with how he can save Pioran, two familiar faces return. One an enemy and another an unexpected ally.

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As Fushi struggles with how he can save Pioran, two familiar faces return. One an enemy and another an unexpected ally.

Episode Title Jananda, Island of Freedom
Aired 7/19/2021
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By Tomio Yamauchi
Written By Shinzō Fujita
Newly Noted Characters
Tonari Eri Inagawa


Undesired Fame – Tonari, Fushi

With it appearing the only way to save Pioran is to join a tournament and get granted a wish, Fushi concedes to Tonari and decides to partake. However, with learning he has to kill people? Oh, his desire to be part of the tournament drop quickly. Yet, despite deciding not to fight, he ends up winning.

Tonari (Eri Inagawa) introducing herself
Tonari (Eri Inagawa)

This leads to instant fame that Tonari and her band of misfits plan to cash in on, especially since the tournament’s winner gets to become the chief of the island. A position usually not held for longer than two weeks but with the challenge of getting off the island and not being dragged back or killed high? Well, putting your faith in an immortal who can grant you true freedom isn’t terrible.

An Island of Liars & Criminals – Tonari, Fushi

The problem is, Fushi doesn’t like the island, Tonari, or her friends. Especially once Tonari reveals she was guided to trick Fushi and Pioran, which makes him mad. But, while he is mad, he can’t figure out a way to save Pioran but the method Tonari provided. Add in the pet hawk of Tonari’s group bringing him right back to the tournament the following day, it seems fate is guiding him.

Familiar And Sometimes Unfriendly Faces – Fushi, Parona, Hayase

But while fate seems to be on Fushi’s side, for the most part, it also is guiding Hayase, from earlier in the season, to Fushi – who she wants to recapture. In fact, in the dead of night, she found Fushi and licked him. Now, why didn’t she snatch him up then and there too? That’s hard to say. However, it seems she and Fushi are on a collision course.

Hayase looking over her shoulder

But before their battle, Fushi has to muster up the will to fight, and with the second-round fight not ending like the first, he is forced to not just stand there and take every weapon in the arena – he has to defend himself. However, what wasn’t expected is Fushi transforming into Parona to defend himself and whooping the other person’s ass. Not enough to kill them, but, like when Batman fights people, make it so they probably won’t be the same when they wake up.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So can Fushi transform into people who he didn’t witness die now?



A New Evolution

At the end of the day, Kansatsusha wants Fushi’s existence to be purposeful. Fushi represents the complexities and growth of humanity, at its best and worst. So to watch him want to be stagnant, take the easy way, or avoid confrontation? That is disrespectful. Especially since Fushi has probably not even discovered so much of what he is capable of.

Yet, with him becoming Parona and showing he doesn’t just need trauma to become someone, sometimes it can be from pure will, this has created a new evolution. Heck, it might make it so, since it seems the Nokkers will be back in the next episode, he’ll have a far more diverse means of fighting, beyond all the weapons he can now conjure thanks to the tournament.

Lessons In Ambiguity

While Hayase did trick Fushi when March was alive, for the most part, Fushi has dealt with people who were either good or evil. With Tonari, and her crew, Fushi is dealing with people who blur the line, and it presents the challenge of him not just getting physically stronger but also mentally. This might be Fushi’s biggest challenge since the loss of Gugu, for you can tell he wants to emotionally shut himself off and not have to put too much thought into anything besides the path that means the least among of harm.

However, with Tonari and her team, there isn’t that absolute good or evil there. Yes, they are kids under very unfortunate circumstances, but they will also hustle you to improve their position. This isn’t to say they don’t feel guilt and know some of the things they do are wrong but, between survival with a full stomach or surviving because the only kind of death allowed is a painful one? Fushi is going to have a hard time trying to understand Tonari, her people, and most on that island.

Luckily, as it is revealed Pioran killed almost a dozen people, she might be Fushi’s entry point into understanding the complexities of human nature.

The Return of Hayase

Hayase licking Fushi

It isn’t clear where she has been, but we’re glad she is back. Add in she seems extra crazy too? Oh, bring on this lick you while you sleep character. We needed a villain that can talk and someone formidable beyond what looks like Kansatsusha’s failed attempt to make Fushi.

On The Fence

The Battles Fushi Was In

Generally speaking, even with blood, decapitations, and people cut in half, the arena, and even Fushi’s fights in it, were a bit underwhelming. Now, I’ll admit, when he became Parona, things kicked up a notch, so maybe once Fushi starts fighting, things will get interesting. But if he decides to ever play the passive role again? We may have a part of the show where we can run to the bathroom real quick.

Fushi angry at himself
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The Return of Hayase
Lessons In Ambiguity
A New Evolution
The Battles Fushi Was In

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