Despite Naofumi’s name being cleared, there remains many issues keeping the Cardinal Heroes from being on the same page.

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Despite Naofumi’s name being cleared, there remains many issues keeping the Cardinal Heroes from being on the same page.

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 6/5/2019
Introduced This Episode
L’arc ?

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A Meeting Of The Minds: Naofumi, Ren, Motoyasu, Itsuki, Queen Mirellia

With Naofumi cleared, Queen Mirellia tries to push the Cardinal Heroes to move past the division Myne, and the church caused. However, there remains some strange ego issue. Be it because they think Naofumi is a cheater, due to his rage shield, or their individual egos. For while things were rocky at first, with it being shared they can duplicate the skills and perhaps absorb the stats of weapons that are similar to their legendary weapons, things were getting on the good foot. Especially with it also being revealed there is a teleportation skill, and the weapon could even craft things on the fly – meaning you wouldn’t have to by hand.

However, with a disagreement on whether the rarity of weapons, the stats, or refinement is most important, the progress they made collapses. Leading Naofumi to be done for the night, even though he is due to travel with the heroes to Cal Mira Archipelago. A place which, once a decade, appears and allows for a major XP boost. Something the Queen believes the heroes need for otherwise, Naofumi will likely be the only one to survive the next wave. Which, of course, adds fuel to the fire since that is treated as an insult.

A Trip Back Home: Raphtalia, Naofumi

A partly destroyed church in Raphtalia's home village.

As Naofumi was speaking with the queen and the other heroes, Raphtalia was getting into a brawl since, like the heroes, their followers haven’t necessarily gained a new perspective on Naofumi. Add in some drinking, and it leads to a brawl. One which no one gets reprimanded over, surprisingly.

But, with Naofumi dropping hints he won’t be around forever, this is becoming worrisome for Raphtalia. Yet, it seems she is ready to join him wherever he plans to go. So, before heading to the boat which will take them to Cal Mira Archipelago, she has them go to her old village. A place which she seems to say her goodbyes as if she may never return. Not knowing that wherever Naofumi goes, once this is all over, she likely cannot join.

Meet L’Arc: L’Arc, Naofumi

As you may have noticed, compared to the other heroes, Naofumi’s party is tiny. Even those like Ren who wanted to work alone have a rather large following. But that could change as Naofumi makes the acquaintance of a redhead named L’Arc. Someone we don’t learn a thing about besides knowing he is an adventurer whose companion is a blue haired woman.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So if Raphtalia and Filo didn’t get to choose their class upgrades, would it have been so terrible to tell us what they did get?
  2. Where is Trash since being stripped of his title?
  3. What happened to Filo when Melty was catching Myne, and Ralphtalia was kicking ass?
  4. Considering that Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki seemed to have talked more, Itsuki and Ren especially, why did that fight happen like it did?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Cal Mira Archipelago: A once in a decade bonus field which offers an XP boost – it isn’t noted how long the bonus field is available.


The Fight Which Happened While The Cardinal Heroes Were Meeting

Bless Raphtalia’s heart. You want to talk ride or die? All that people were saying was the same stuff they always did and yet Raphtalia, in honor of Naofumi, caused a massive brawl. One which she strangely held her own during – even with Filo nowhere to be seen.

A New Ally

L'Arc smiling.

Let’s face it, part of the reason Naofumi and the rest are having issues is due to being children placed in an adult situation. That is, on top of their teams being young people, and no real adult getting involved – including the Queen who gave up way too easily. So one can only hope L’arc can talk some sense into the heroes and push them together.

On The Fence

How And Why Are These Fools Still Fighting?

I get the heroes are in their late teens or early 20s, but must they be this dumb? The main issues they had with Naofumi, for weeks, months, however much time has passed, was rooted in what Myne accused. She, publicly, unequivocally, confessed to her lies and it was made clear nearly everything Naofumi was accused of was a lie. So what’s the issue here? Because of some shield which kept them alive? Really?

Now, this isn’t to say I don’t understand a sudden confession doesn’t cleanly wipe away a long-held prejudice. But my thing is, outside the Myne issue, Naofumi has attempted to treat them with respect. Yes, he called out Ren and Itsuki multiple times, and has gone to battle with Motoyasu, but surely they realize there are bigger things out there than their beef right? Surely, with coming from a foreign world to this game world, they know they could likely die for real right?

Then again, considering the queen being gone in the beginning, there is a need to question what of what we were told was real or not. Remember, we were once told that if the heroes fought too closely they would be weak. Is that true? Also, it has been pushed that the Shield Hero is the weakest – surely that can’t be right? After all, the Chaos Shield has defeated tougher opponents than we’ve seen the others face. Never mind it was the one thing Glass couldn’t deflect with a swish of her fan. All the while, Naofumi being at a lower level.

But, one can only hope that we’ll see these young man bond and create a few touching moments along the way. For with us knowing so little about the other heroes, even Naofumi, it would be nice if they pursued relating to one another to strength their fractured bond.

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