Naofumi finds himself involved with a young girl named Melty, thanks to Filo, and he is under the impression she may bring nothing but trouble.

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Naofumi finds himself involved with a young girl named Melty, thanks to Filo, and he is under the impression she may bring nothing but trouble.

Episode Information: Episode 9 “Melty”

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 3/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Melty Uchida Maaya
The Pope ?


Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend: Melty, Filo

While Filo has a big sister in Raphtalia and father figure in Naofumi, she doesn’t necessarily have friends. So when she meets Melty, a lost girl in noble clothes, who is quite nice, it is a bit of a blessing for her. Especially since she appreciates Filo beyond her combat or hauling skills. She makes it so being a filolial is something she can be a bit more comfortable in. Especially considering Filo likely recognizes being in her true form does worry Naofumi a bit sometimes.

Attacked On Sight: Motoyasu, Filo, Naofumi, Myne, Melty, Raphtalia, The Pope

Motoyasu attacking Naofumi.

With Raphtalia getting increasingly worse, Naofumi decides they have traveled enough and should head to the capital for holy water. Something the Pope willingly gives, for a gold piece that Naofumi has no qualms with. However, with a nun trying to give him low quality water it seems like the same BS but a different part of the government. But, unlike most in power, The Pope seems a bit more forgiving of the rumors that haunt Naofumi – though it could be he doesn’t believe them either. So he rebukes his fellow and Naofumi is given a proper dosage of holy water. Now, whether it works? Well, that isn’t said.

Perhaps because, no sooner than Naofumi leaves the cathedral he finds himself being chased by a young soldier and he splits from Raphtalia to get away. This leads to Motoyasu, being the fool he is, attacking Naofumi over thinking he enslaved Filo, who he saw in human form. Myne adds fuel to the fire by trying to make the duel official but it is quickly stopped by Melty who reveals she is a princess and threatens telling her and Myne’s mother about her actions and the use of the spear hero.

Watch The Throne: Melty, Naofumi

Despite being younger than Myne, Melty is next in line for the throne. What also isn’t made clear is why Melty and her mother don’t live in the capital, as well as why is it where she is from varies drastically from where Myne is. These questions all go unanswered, as well as whether this was all a test? Though, before Melty can answer some of these questions, she reveals she is a member of the Melromarc royal family and that’s all Naofumi needs to hear. For with his dealings thus far – he doesn’t trust anyone that shares blood with Myne and her father.



Melty & The Queen of Melromarc

Melty delivering a proper introduction.
Melty: Second Princess Melty Melromarc

Clearly, there is some family drama going on between Melty and her mother and Myne and her dad. It isn’t clear if there was a divorce or what, but clearly these kingdoms have taken different paths and Myne’s side is struggling. How else do you explain the taxes and need to establish Motoyasu as a great hero aligned with Myne? If she is the trouble kid Melty says she is, this might be her means of trying to recover her reputation. Maybe prep to challenge Melty for the throne since I wouldn’t put it past Myne and her dad to attempt to assassinate or do something dirty to push Myne forward.

But with Naofumi already burned a few times, she might have a hard time getting through to him. At least, until Filo perhaps pushes her position and maybe Raphtalia too.

On The Fence

So, Nothing Naofumi, or Motoyasu/Myne Has Done Outside The Capital Has Reached the Capital?

Considering all the good Naofumi is doing, to the point remote villages hear of him and Filo, are you seriously telling me the capital knows nothing of his journey? Much less, considering Myne and Motoyasu seem to leave destruction and taxes wherever they go, surely the people have to be on the verge of turning on them right? They can’t seriously still see the spear hero and not think something ominous is about to happen.

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