Raphtalia and Filo fighting over a piece of fruit, and Naofumi.

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Raphtalia has it bad for Naofumi, as does Filo, and both are beginning to make plans on how to make him theirs.

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 2/20/2019

The Legend Continues: Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo, Motoyasu

Naofumi is still working with the trader who has a dubious reputation, but because of this man, Naofumi is becoming a bit famous. Between Filo, the talking bird, and Naofumi’s potions which damn near cure even the rarest diseases, that whole rapist accusation, no one hears about that. Though, for what we know, outside of the capital, maybe no one knows?

Case in point, Naofumi ends up cleaning after Motoyasu who continues to be used by Myne and her father to boost their profile. For if you remember from the last episode, when Naofumi and crew were trying to get a crystal for Filo’s clothes, they passed an open box. Said box had a seed which grows in even the worst conditions but also happened to be mutated in the worst way.

However, between Filo, Raphtalia, and one of Naofumi’s potions, they defeat the monster and deal with the issue for a village. Then, on top of that, with adding the seed the monster came from, and its fruit to his shield, he genetically modifies it, so two issues are solved. The first being the village dominated by the original seed and the famine. Leading to Naofumi continuing to disprove any negative things said about him.

You’re Going To Love Me!: Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo

It was made clear in the last few episodes Raphtalia had feelings for Naofumi. However, with Filo taking up more and more of his time, and receiving the treatment she formerly did, her jealousy grows. Especially as she thinks about becoming official with him and learning Filo wants to mate with him. So now they both are actively competing for his time, attention, and him showing them affection. To which he doesn’t even know or else he downplays.

On The Fence

From Daddy To Lover

Raphtalia reaffirming that she will continue to fight for Naofumi's affections.

It’s a bit difficult to root for, or even wrap my head around, the idea of either Filo or Raphtalia standing a chance with Naofumi. First off, Filo is either this heavyset Chocobo most of the time or the epitome of an angelic child. Then, when it comes to Raphtalia, Naofumi basically raised her. Granted, not from a baby but considering Raphtalia formerly looked like Filo, I don’t think she even registers as a woman to him, having a figure now or not.

So a part of me hopes both competing for his affections don’t become too big of a part of this show since it is a tad bit uncomfortable. But, considering the show started with a rape accusation, who knows where this show may decide to go? Whether it makes the audience comfortable or not.

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