As Fitoria presents her ultimatum, the other heroes may have walked into a trap.

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As Fitoria presents her ultimatum, the other heroes may have walked into a trap.

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 5/1/2019

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A Trial: Filo, Melty, Fitoria, Naofumi

At first, it seemed Melty was going to be held hostage by Fitoria to force a promise out of Naofumi to make up with the other heroes. One which he strangely refused to do and instead allowed Filo to fight for Melty’s freedom. This leads to Fitoria whipping the spit out of Filo for the majority of the fight. Actually, Filo gets her butt whooped for nearly the entire fight but then, with Naofumi’s encouragement, she breaks through Fitoria’s shield. Thus ending the battle and leading to Filo being crowned Fitoria’s successor. Since it seems, while she does care about Naofumi making up with the other heroes, her successor is as important, if not more.

But Did You Fight Back?: Naofumi, Fitoria

But while everyone celebrates Filo, Naofumi and Fitoria talk so she can understand what happened. To which she hones in on why he didn’t say nothing and Naofumi just stating he didn’t think anyone would believe him. A weak answer to Fitoria so she lets him know she’ll drop him off near another hero so they can begin reconciling and she expects all four to eventually. Particularly since, at the rate they’re going, she won’t need to kill them for the waves will do it for her.

Also, she mentions there will come a point where you must choose the world or people and while “People” is the easy answer, it does leave the question of what it means to make that choice?

It’s A Trap: Ren, Itsuki, Myne

Ren realizing that something is wrong.

With Myne seeing that the heroes are focusing too much on her and the church, it seems Myne rather kill the guys off than try to bring them back to her side. Hence us seeing what seemingly was a trapped laid out and a huge, nuclear like, explosion. One which the heroes likely survived but let’s pretend their lives may actually have been lost.

On The Fence

I Just Want To Move Forward

I don’t know about you, but at this point, I feel like we’re taking the long way past what we should be seeing by now. That is, Myne being exposed, which is being baby stepped to, and Naofumi crossing a border or figuring out some way to break the level barrier. Two things which are far more interesting than a side story which slightly boosts Filo, but doesn’t feel necessary – big picture wise. Especially with it following Raphtalia’s which was an emotional journey.

But with 25 episodes, and not a single recap episode yet, I guess every side story and main arc is going to be included. Making me hope with Filo and Raphtalia’s handled, we’ll either see Melty’s next or maybe what life was life for Naofumi before all this. I mean, at this point, why not throw everything and the kitchen sink?

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I Just Want To Move Forward - 70%


Rising of the Shield Hero trudges along as it gives us what feels like a recovery episode after the emotional wreck it left many by diving into Raphtalia’s past.

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  1. They definitely dragged what could have been maybe half an episode of content at most out as long as they possibly could and while last episode it kind of felt like they were doing some set up for forward progress, this episode just felt like they were deliberately dragging their feet. Part of me wonders where they are trying to end the season and maybe that’s why this section is going so slow, but realistically it all just took too long and by the end of the episode I just wanted them to be done with Fitoria and have moved on already.

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