Raphtalia asking of her parents spirits to watch over her.
Raphtalia: Please watch over me.

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Raphtalia’s childhood up until when she was purchased by Naofumi is uncovered, and it is a tear-inducing tale.

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 4/17/2019
Introduced This Episode
Rifana ?

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Before & After The Wave: Raphtalia, Rifana

As we have long known, Raphtalia’s parents died during a previous wave. One before Noafumi and the others showed up. However, the time between the wave and her being found at Dorei-shou has been a mystery. Well, to fill in that plot hole, we see her hanging out with her best friend, Rifana, before her parents die and Rifana being the ones she is closest to as she sets aside her grief and inspires others to rebuild that village. One of the few independent demi-human ones in Melromarc.

Enslavement: Raphtalia, Rifana, Idol

Rifana suffering while in prison.

Well, for a little while. Be it the king’s command or Idol’s, many of the children are taken and placed in cages beneath Idol’s mansion. There they were abused, partly due to religion or Idol’s fanaticism, but while Rifana screamed and cried, Raphtalia didn’t. She was an unofficial leader, a calming presence, and didn’t break. Yes, she became solemn, but she didn’t break. Even when sold to Dorei-shou and separated from everyone else.

From Victim To Hero: Raphtalia, Naofumi, Van, Melty, Idol

In present day, Raphtalia nearly kills Idol, but Naofumi talks her out of it. However, Idol, spared by a demi-human, feels insulted and challenges her with a sword. Leading to her fighting back and him falling out the window – assumingly dying in the process. Following that, Van is freed, and Raphtalia leads everyone into the basement dungeon to search for those who might still be imprisoned.

This leads to the rescue of a handful of demi-humans, including some Raphtalia knew. However, when it comes to Rifana, all that is left is her skeleton. Which leads Raphtalia to immense guilt but with the reminder of all she has done so far, she recovers just in time to see Idol unleash a sealed beast for revenge.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What is it about the Shield Hero that, past and present, has made him a friend to Demi-Humans? Are they inan unending cycle? Also, will we ever learn about the religion which specifically excludes him and who created it?


Raphtalia’s Backstory

While Raphtalia’s backstory gets you teary-eyed, what it also presents to you is a reminder of her strength. Not too long after losing everything, she stood in front of her village to give them hope. Heck, even when kidnapped, she was a beacon of light who tried to smile for those who couldn’t think of a single reason for all seemed lost. Thus pushing the idea that Raphtalia wasn’t weak before Naofumi came into her life. Physically she may not have been able to fight but mentally? She has long been a soldier.

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