Raphtalia noting she wants to confront her past.
Raphtalia: I want to confront my past!

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With being unable to cross into Siltvelt, the team encounters someone connected to Raphtalia’s past as someone’s slave.

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 4/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
Van Reichnott ?
Idol Rabier ?

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Borderlands: Naofumi, Raphtalia, Melty, Van, Myne

With Myne setting fires to the forest, to smoke out Naofumi, telling local lords Naofumi is doing it, thus keeping him from crossing borders, it makes the idea of heading into Selvelt impossible. Yet, as much as there is the alternative of meeting Melty and Myne’s mother, crossing between provinces could be just as hard as the border. Luckily though, Melty knows a local lord named Van Reichnott. A man who is friendly to demi-humans which makes him quite different from what many demi-humans are used to. Especially Raphtalia who finds being in Seyaette triggering – for it is the province of her former village. A place ransacked by Melromarc soldiers and commoners during the first wave.

The Plight of Demi-Humans: Raphtalia, Idol, Naofumi, Melty, Van

But, even years later, now technically free herself, Raphtalia sees nothing has changed. For during the short time everyone stays at Van’s mansion, she finds no peace. Perhaps because, like Melty, she finds her inability to do anything a heavy weight to bear. Yet, then comes Idol Rabier. That man, an adjacent lord, one who praises the same God and participates in the same church as Myne, basically kidnaps Van and ransacks his home. All to find Melty and Naofumi – in extension.

However, before Idol does any more damage to Van’s home, Melty comes out and leaves with him. Hoping she can keep Naofumi and his kids safe, and maybe speak to her father directly. A naïve goal.

Rescuing Melty: Raphtalia, Idol, Naofumi, Melty, Van, Filo

While it does cross Naofumi’s mind to leave Melty behind, she has won him over. So, with Raphtalia and Filo, they storm Idol’s castle, and we learn a handful of things. First and foremost, Idol is trash since he is torturing Van to learn where Naofumi is and is willing to do the same with Melty. Second, we learn Idol was Raphtalia’s former owner and with that, we’re set up to learn her backstory in the next episode.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Based off the way Idol acts, how in the world did Raphtalia end up with Dorei-shou? Did he sell her to him or did she run away and Dorei-shou acquired her?
  2. What was in that basement Raphtalia wanted to go into?
  3. How do the lords or leader of Siltvelt feel about how demi-humans are treated in Melromarc?


Addressing The Prejudice

Raphtalia before confronting Idol.

In a lot of fantasy anime, it is established there is prejudice between different races, but it isn’t necessarily dived into that much. It’s like, we should be glad culture is being addressed at all. However, with The Rising of the Shield Hero, things are being taken to the next level as, instead of just a supporting character experiencing the prejudice, we’re seeing them address someone who oppressed them. Possibly, we may watch her get tortured, and him interrogated about the why of it.

Which, in turn, might help illuminate more information about this church so many noble people seem to follow. Heck, it might even explain why the shield hero is a noted friend to demi-humans and is treated like a social pariah to many. I mean, imagine if Naofumi, outside of Melromarc, is treated like a prophet or holy figure.

Taking Note Of What Happened During The Waves Outside of The Capital

Sometimes it seems the waves are simply the western nations of the continent trying to conquer Melromarc. But rather than doing things the old fashion way, storming borders and all that, they try to come from the sky and attack villages and other areas to get a foothold somewhere and then expand. Which is all just a theory but with Raphtalia talking more about what happened during the waves when she was little, it pushes the idea they aren’t as isolated as they’ve seen thus far.

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