While you may think the battle between the heroes and Glass would be the highlight of the episode, oh you got another thing coming!

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While you may think the battle between the heroes and Glass would be the highlight of the episode, oh you got another thing coming!

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 3/27/2019
Introduced This Episode
Elhart Yasumoto Hiroki
King Aultcray Nakano Yutaka

Glass vs. Everybody: Glass, Naofumi

Let’s be straight forward, Glass pretty much wipes out everyone but Naofumi, despite him having the lowest level of the heroes. However, what isn’t made clear is what Glass is. Considering she is the only human to appear during the waves, so comes the question if she is from another universe or dimension like the heroes. Also, taking note of how complicated politics gets, who is to say the wave isn’t more than it appears? Taking note of the demi-human hatred, who is to say, considering the waves consist of spirits and zombies, that the apocalypse isn’t retribution in a way?

I mean, we’ll learn more if and when Noafumi heads through demi-human supremacist are Siltvelt, but perhaps the kingdom of Shieldfreeden may also offer some information as well. Such as, are they hit by these waves at all or is that just a local issue?

Still On His Bulls***: King Aultcray, Naofumi

King Aultcray (Nakano Yutaka) shocked by what Naofumi said to him.
King Aultcray (Nakano Yutaka)

Apparently, King Aultcray watches the waves as they happen, from the safety of his throne, and was quite impressed by Naofumi. A praise which he naturally doesn’t give outright since the Myne rape accusation still is fresh for him. However, with him being so impressed, despite how he has impeded Naofumi’s progress comes a request, if not demand, to know the source of this new power.

As you can imagine, being in a power position with King Aultcray makes Naofumi decide to push his luck. Not by asking for a proper amount of money, which apparently he still gets, but rather having the king beg and bow for the information. Leading to, as you’d expect, another major argument in which Naofumi’s life is threatened by soldiers, and that’s shrugged off. However, with threatening Filo and Raphtalia comes a threat to the king’s life and an end to their conversation.

Assassination Attempt: Myne, Melty, King Aultcray, Naofumi, Elhart

With it being clear Naofumi and the king will never make peace, Naofumi gets a second opinion about where to go for a class upgrade since he can’t in Melromarc. This leads to Elhart noting it would be best to head to Shiledfreeden due to it being more human-friendly. And while Naofumi is on his way there, Melty is having a confrontation with Myne over trying to convince King Aultcray to put his ego aside for the sake of the kingdom. Something Myne tries to block for while she isn’t the crown princess, or has her mother’s favor, she does have the king’s ear and isn’t going to let Melty get in the way of that.

Leading to, later on, after Melty catches up with Naofumi, one of the soldiers often associated with Myne’s will attempting to assassinate Melty. Perhaps with the goal of blaming it on Naofumi?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Anyone else wonder if Elhart gets any flack for still backing Naofumi despite his less than popular antics?


The Political Drama

Melty with her head down.

The Melty and Myne standoff was probably some of the best writing, for a non-emotional scene, this show has had, and I must admit I was shocked. But, I think that comes from this show strangely being more versatile than I expect it to be. Though the fight scenes were meh in the beginning, they’ve greatly improved. Naofumi dealing with the idea the world is against him has long been a selling point, but now this political drama makes it so the expectations are raised once more. Especially since Myne, more than likely, planned the assassination attempt.

Which reminds me, considering how Melty was, albeit putting on an act, there does still remain the whole issue of why the mother is not sitting on her throne? Much less, looks like she is in exile. Add in her secret army, and it makes you so happy that for a series with 20+ episodes, it has yet to slow down.

On The Fence

Glass Got Overshadowed

Glass trying to kill Naofumi and his followers.

Honestly, as badass as Glass was when she appeared, with everything that happens towards the middle and end of the episode, she almost gets forgotten. Making it seem her introduction, like how the queen was introduced, was just so you have someone to keep in mind and ask about. So that when they appear again, even if just by making an appearance, it builds intrigue until they can step to the front of the stage.

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