It seems Melty has a mission which could change Melromarc for better or worse. Also, Itsuki and Ren seem on the verge of fighting Naofumi.

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It seems Melty has a mission which could change Melromarc for better or worse. Also, Itsuki and Ren seem on the verge of fighting Naofumi.

Episode Information: Episode 10 “In The Midst of Turmoil”

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 3/13/2019
Introduced This Episode
Mirellia Q. Melromarc Inoue Kikuko


Let Me Upgrade You: Naofumi, Dorei-shou

With nearly everyone peeking at level 40, that means Naofumi and his team are ready for class upgrades. Now, as for what they can upgrade to? Well, that isn’t mentioned. All we are told is that it will likely not happen in Melromarc since the king has forbidden it. Pushing the need to question why he would do so considering they are less than a month from yet another wave. But, as shown, Myne and the king are conniving idiots. Ones which seemingly are willing to lose a hero for with nothing able to be done in Melromarc, Naofumi goes to Dorei-shou for some options, and it seems Naofumi is now going to travel across the continent so he can upgrade his team. Hopefully for a lower price than 15 gold.

Your Reputation Precedes You: Melty, Naofumi, The Queen

The queen talking to Melty about her mission.

There is clearly something going on in Melromarc when it comes to the nobility. The queen seems trapped in her castle as her husband runs amok. Then, to make matters worse, while Naofumi seems to the only one unaffiliated with Myne and King Melromarc, those two have left such a bad taste in his mouth it seems Melty won’t be able to recruit Naofumi to their side. Which for the queen could mean dire circumstances are getting much worse.

We Don’t Need Another Hero: Ren, Itsuki, Naofumi

Lest we forget, Ren and Itsuki are 16 and 17 respectively. Meanwhile, Naofumi is 20. So, taking that into account, it seems they don’t understand when you do what seems to be one small thing, perhaps a good thing, there is a ripple effect. Ren killed a dragon, but by not disposing of it he made things worse. Itsuki allowed for a king to be overthrown, and now there is a refugee crisis.

But all Itsuki can think about is this idea someone is stealing jobs, pretending to be them, and it must be Naofumi. After all, it isn’t like Naofumi doesn’t have a bustling, fairly well known, trade business. Nah, he’d rather do guild quests to make money. You know, work with guilds who’d likely treat him as bad as nuns and either not have work for him or send him on jobs which could get him killed.

But while Ren is able to see that Naofumi means them no harm and is not involved, it seems Itsuki is still sipping the kool-aid. Even if he saw Myne try to sabotage Naofumi in the past – hinting there is more to than what meets the eyes. However, shaking off a rape, as well as having slaves, makes Naofumi trying to redeem himself hard.

Itsuki accusing Naofumi of wrongdoing.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What have the other kingdoms been doing without heroes to protect them? Especially if they all have dragon hourglasses?
  2. It appears Naofumi isn’t the only one with a HUD when looking at things. What can others see?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Everyone, but Naofumi at level 38, are at level 40.



Learning There Are Other Kingdoms, And We’re Likely To See Them

With the king making life absolutely hell in Melromarc, it seems Naofumi is ready to leave it and explore other places. All of which seems quite interesting from the Rome looking Zeltrobe, which apparently is the home to mercenaries. Then there are the demi-human countries of Siltvelt and Shieldfreeden. OF which, I’m sure, one won’t be that human-friendly. Yet, considering how Raphtalia’s childhood stories spoke of the Shield Hero being kind to demi-humans, maybe Naofumi won’t find much friction.

The Queen Returns – With Intrigue

I’d argue the queen is being held captive in the castle for some reason. Maybe she was overthrown, perhaps it is known she’d like to cause a rebellion. Either way, something is up there.

Class Upgrades

While we’ve seen Naofumi’s shield follow a skill path, it was never noted whether there was anything beyond that. So with the noting of class upgrades, so comes the question of what are the options? Can Filo learn how to breathe out elements? What about Raphtalia learning how to be a dual blade swordsperson? Heck, what are Naofumi’s options considering it appears he can’t gain offensive skills?

The Party Grows

Filo standing besides volunteers from Lute who have joined Naofumi's party.

While a handful of 25 and less, level wise, members trying to join Naofumi, it is sweet to see him really gain a following. Especially right before a wave hits since the first one was quite underwhelming. So if he is getting back up, it pushes the idea the next one may step in line with recent battles we’ve seen.

Low Point

Are You Dumb, Blind or Stupid?

I’m just trying to understand Ren’s way of thinking. Does he just have a hero complex and needs Naofumi to be the villain so he can feel like a hero? Is that why he avoids the obvious? Well, at least what seems obvious to us?

On The Fence

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

We’re reminded this episode that once the waves end, there goes Naofumi, and that means Filo and Raphtalia likely will be left behind. But like other shows, Re:Zero, for example, there is the need to question if going back is possible or that easy? Never mind the need to question if it may even happen this season. For while this has two cours, over 20+ episodes, there seems to be a lot to cover, and this show isn’t rushing at all.

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  1. Part of me wishes the anime was fleshing out more details and not holding them off as long as the books did given reading something in a single sitting or even over one or two sittings is significantly faster than having details drip fed over weeks of episodes. Then again, that’s always a problem with seasonal watching.

    1. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Crunchyroll pulled a Netflix with some of their series and dropped entire seasons at one time. I know it is unlikely to happen, but it makes for a interesting idea.

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