As Mujika is tasked with saving her people, we learn whether or not Norman’s peers will stop the genocide and what is to come next.

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As Mujika is tasked with saving her people, we learn whether or not Norman’s peers will stop the genocide and what is to come next.

Director(s) Kakushi Ifuku, Sumito Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Tomita
Writer(s) Nanao
Aired (Hulu) 3/11/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Vylk Ueda Toshiya

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A Desperate Act – Norman, Mujika, Barbara

Norman admits he acted in desperation due to the fear of death, and this strangely seems to absolve him. Plus, with Mujika’s blood healing everyone, it seems no harm, no foul is how things are handled.

As for how Barbara and the others feel? Strangely, like the demons, they let it go. Norman says stop, and while revenge remains on the brain, they stop. Making this whole thing end abruptly.

A New Hope – Emma, Vylk, Norman

Vylk (Ueda Toshiya) smiling
Vylk (Ueda Toshiya)

Which, thankfully, it did, for we learn Vylk, the old demon, he had a piece of information given to him by a human he encountered. Said piece of information gives the blueprints to the farm headquarters and even gives a possible cure to Norman and his friends’ symptoms.

This couldn’t have had better timing since, on the radio, it was heard that Phil and the rest would be shipped out, so it is now or never to get everyone out.

A New Struggle – Peter, Isabella, Vincent

The thing is, Isabella, now noted to have Grandma status, planted that message. So now there is the need to question, between the kids knowing the layout, circuitry, and where the guards are, will that be enough to save themselves from a trap Peter, whoever is the head demon, and Isabella have?

Isabella with her eyes closed, and half of her face in a shadow

Never mind, what appears to be Vincent, he might be a turncoat. That is, assuming he wasn’t always keeping tabs on the kids and acting as a spy.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. The Lambda project was all about making high-quality brains for demons using drugs, rather than selective breeding, intense education, combined with the luck of the draw. But, while many farms will transition to this, it is noted by the demon representative some farms will continue to focus on mass production in order to feed commoners.



Peter Becoming Big Evil, And A Demon To Focus On

While Norman’s act being forgiven, by demons and his peers, so quickly, gives us pause, at the very least it allows Peter to assume the role of big evil. For now with what happened at Lambda noted, and seeing that an annihilation option is no longer available. At least, as long as Emma is alive, it makes the escape plan the sole plan. And with Norman and his people involved, it might just happen.

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Peter Becoming Big Evil, And A Demon To Focus On - 84%


As Norman stands down, and is quickly forgiven for what he planned to do, so rises Peter and Isabella back to the role of lead villains, perhaps – finally – giving us someone to worry about.

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