The Promised Neverland: Season 1, Episode 8 “021145” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Let’s hope the kids prepped for the worst case scenario considering the events of this episode.

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Grandma's (Mami Koyama) menacing face.

Let’s hope the kids prepped for the worst case scenario considering the events of this episode.

Episode Information: Episode 8 “021145”

Director(s) Mamoru Kanbe
Writer(s) Toshiya Ono
Air Date 2/28/2019
Introduced This Episode
Grandma Mami Koyama


Goodbye Sister: Sister Krone, Isabella, Grandma

From what Isabella says, you’d think Krone got her own farm to manage. However, this was all just a ploy to get her to leave quietly. That way, when grandma greeted her, with a demon by her side, the children wouldn’t become aware of Krone’s gruesome death.

All Is Revealed: Isabella, Ray, Norman, Emma, Grandma, Sister Krone

With Krone gone, there is the need to question what does that mean for the kids? Well, Grandma makes it clear to us that even with Krone revealing the kids’ plans, as long as Isabella can handle the situation, she doesn’t care. After all, Isabella is a high performer and somewhat of a pawn to Grandma.

So, with Krone gone, so comes the question of what may happen to Ray? Well, Isabella makes it clear she doesn’t need him anymore, and so we’re led to believe she is going to kill him. However, first, she has to deal with Norman and Emma.

Even Pigs Are Happy Before Slaughter: Isabella, Ray, Norman, Emma, Gilda, Don

With tracker in hand, and likely the kind of speed we saw Krone have, Isabella catches up to Norman and Emma before they can mount the wall and see what’s on the other side. This leads to a bit of a standoff in which Isabella decides to drop the mom façade and speak person to person. Meaning, she doesn’t talk to them as Mom but a caretaker to children who will become food.

Emma's broken leg.

As you can imagine, dropping the façade is a bit jarring to the kids and add on she notes Norman is to be shipped out soon and it makes his foresight quite admirable. However, with her onto them, Emma’s stipulation of rescuing everyone and then Ray’s precarious situation of no longer being Isabella’s spy – things aren’t looking good. Add in that Isabella breaks Emma’s leg when she tries to slow her down from getting to Norman, and it seems the dream is over.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Based on the conversation Krone sees between a demon and what is assumingly a man, is it safe to assume men work with demons and women with the children?
  2. We’ve yet to learn if children come from the biological way we’re used to. Could it be they are made from the flowers planted in people? If not through artificial insemination?
  3. It seems Isabella tried to escape, what stopped her? Did Grandma really give a convincing argument?


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Well, That’s What You Call A Twist

Norman's shocked face.

I can’t really fathom what the children’s next move can be. Grandma knows about the kids wanting to escape and apparently, Isabella tried before, so she knows the possibilities, and the kids are exposed. Also, based on what Krone revealed, killing Isabella will likely make things worse for them. So what can they do? Try to kill a demon and run before handed off to slaughter?

Seriously, it seems now the kids are screwed, but there remains some sense of hope. Even though fulfilling Emma’s wish, especially with her leg broken, looks like an impossible task. At least, unless there is some kind of liberation force out there.

Well, That’s What You Call A Twist - 85%


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  1. I was not expecting Emma to have her leg broken. In an episode full of amazing reveals and developments, that was still the moment that left me stunned because I just didn’t expect the show to go there. This whole episode was fantastic to watch as it just built on everything we’ve seen so far and I’m really looking forward to what comes next.

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