The Promised Neverland: Season 1/ Episode 2 “131045” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

With the truth discovered, Emma and Norman scramble to figure a way for not only them to escape, but the 35 others.

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Isabella looking sinister.

With the truth discovered, Emma and Norman scramble to figure a way for not only them to escape, but the 35 others.

Director(s) Mamoru Kanbe
Writer(s) Toshiya Ono
Air Date 1/17/2019
Introduced This Episode
Sister Krone Fujita Nao

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Stay Cool, Let’s Talk About This: Emma, Norman

As you can imagine, Emma is freaking out. The woman she has loved, called momma, and put a smile on her face is delivering her siblings to demons to be eaten. As she deals with this, Norman is attempting to keep it together and needs Emma to do the same. So, privately, they talk about what they know.

First and foremost, when it comes to meat quality, it is about age and intelligence. Smart 12-year-olds are considered gold standard while dumb young ones are good enough. Also, there is something about the brain which is especially tasty and, at most, they have two months to figure a way to escape.


Emma the following morning after seeing momma.

The big question for me is who the mothers and fathers are to all these kids? Is there a whole separate breeding farm and is it handled like American slavery? That is, demons, or whatever momma is, trading humans to try to make designer people? Also, is the way things are the result of the apocalypse, aliens, or what? Nevermind, why are these kids so isolated? Is that to protect the merchandise or aid in the ruse?

Does She Know?: Momma, Sister Krone, Norman, Emma

With leaving Little Bunny behind, it is only natural for Emma and Norman to assume Momma knows something. The only question is, does she know who? Well, Emma is someone she squares in on early on, but she plays it cool. This is followed up with looking upon Norman, but he also has a lie ready for her. So, with no confessions, she shows she has the ability to keep them in line.

This is shown by reminding them she always can find them, thanks to a tracker. This is followed up by inviting Sister Krone to assist her in monitoring the children, thus increasing her abilities to keep a watchful eye on the more crafty ones like Norman and Emma.


Sister Krone being introduced by Isabella.

Is momma a demon, half demon, perhaps a demon in disguise? Could she be a human, to save her own neck, who raises and sells her own? This show inspires so many questions and strangely finds a better balance than expected between revealing information and leaving questions unanswered.

The Mud Boat: Ray, Norman, Emma

Two months until the next harvest, 37 kids total to escape, with the majority being under 6. It isn’t clear how Emma and Norman could get it done, but with Ray discovering the truth, so came the hope he would be ready to help. However, being that Ray is a bit more callous than the other two, he doesn’t understand why they would take on all these liabilities rather than use them to distract momma and be free.

But, with Emma adamant on saving everyone, and Norman having a crush on Emma, Ray’s hand is forced. He can’t escape alone, especially since no one knows what is out there, so he is forced to Emma’s will.


Norman confessing he has a crush on Emma to Ray.

Well, that was unexpected. Yes, Emma and Norman are at that age to have crushes and things of that nature, but I wasn’t expecting that to be a factor. But what will really make things interesting, in the long run, is Ray. I fully expect him to allow some of the kids to be sacrificed and maybe even betray Norman for he sees he isn’t thinking straight. Now, as soon he does this? Well, that is hard to say. It could be after the wall is no longer an issue, or the gate becomes an option. Either way, Ray is not to be trusted, and while he will probably come up with a great plan, you can believe he is going to find an out for himself.


  1. The way the show is handling the first episode reveal is creating a bit more faith than I originally had in the program. I will admit I still worry how it’ll spread the story across 12 or so episodes, but there are enough challenges presented for them to tackle. From figuring a way to escape, finding civilization, and learning what happened to the rest of humanity, we should have more than enough to fit the remaining 10 or so episodes.

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    1. The rising of the shield hero is the one which does it for me. I dig this one but am still slightly worried about pacing.

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