Norman sets when everyone is going to leave, and that causes them to scramble over who might be the traitor and why.

Director(s) Mamoru Kanbe
Writer(s) Toshiya Ono
Air Date 1/31/2019
Introduced This Episode
Gilda Lynn
Don Ueki Shin`ei

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11/8: Norman, Ray, Emma

Ten days. That is all the time Norman is willing to give Ray, Emma, and himself to finish the plan and get the hell off the farm. Why ten days? Well, think about it, the next harvest is going to take place in the heart of winter. So waiting another month and a half would mean leaving in December, and with all the kids and babies they have, it would mean inevitable death in the cold. Never mind crying and whining which would surely give them away. So it has to be now or never.


Norman announcing when they will leave.
Norman: We’ll carry out the escape plan ten days from now, on November 8th.

I’m still trying to figure out the plan for the babies. Getting everyone’s tracker out is one thing, but 11-year-olds taking care of newborns is a whole other. Plus, let’s take note winter is coming – how are they going to survive? Unless they aren’t the first kids to escape, or there is some sect of humanity out there looking out for runaways, they are essentially screwed. So for all of Emma trying to protect the kids, she may end up with the trauma of watching many freeze to death. But I guess better to die free than die as a demons meal right?

Expanding Those In The Know: Norman, Ray, Emma, Gilda, Don

Three is not enough considering there are 30 some odd kids, with more than half being toddlers. So, considering that, Gilda and Don are brought on, and they seem like okay additions. Gilda is quick to believe since the change in how Emma acts tipped her off. However, Don needed a bit more convincing. So, Norman takes over and leaves the idea Conny is alive for he knows hope will help them reach their goals far more than fear. Plus, while Gilda and Don aren’t idiots, they don’t need them full on panicking.


There is this weird timing thing going on. On the one hand, all of this planning is necessary, but it also is making things feel slow. Yet, with Norman giving ten days, nothing so prepared that they could launch into action so soon, and then two moms on site, there is also this adrenaline rush. The combination creates this weird anxiety as if you’re in the situation yourself. Making me hope, so much, this will have a good payoff. For if the escape, ultimately, doesn’t have causalities and the outside world isn’t bonkers, I’ll be so disappointed.

A Traitor In Our Midst: Norman, Ray, Emma, Gilda, Don, Isabella, Krone

The possibility of a traitor is a huge issue for not just Emma, Norman and Ray, but also Isabella. Hence why she makes it clear to Krone she knows the situation she is in, but for her silence, she will aid her in becoming a mother. But, with Isabella noting that, so comes the kids questioning why would one of their friends betray them? Well, the best answer is that snitches become moms. Though, it isn’t questioned if this applies to men too.

However, to get a snitch, you have to lay traps, and Norman handles that. He places one for both Gilda and Don, and we’re led to believe Don snitches to Isabella and Gilda is working with Krone. However, all Gilda wanted from Krone seems to be advice. With Emma being her closest friend, and acting weird, before she knew the truth, Krone was her confidant. But, with Emma being fairly honest, Gilda wants to back away from Krone since Krone is getting weird and aggressive.

This leads to Ray being ready to finger Don, since Emma overheard Gilda and Krone and clears her. But, before judgment can be passed on Don, Norman accuses Ray of being the traitor. A shocking reveal.


Norman accusing Ray of being the traitor.
Norman: So you’re the traitor, Ray.

Let’s back up, is it possible that moms, on a regular basis, pick one child to become a snitch? I refuse to believe Norman and Emma were the first ones to come up with the idea of running away. Also, there is that lurking question of how moms are chosen if they are human. So, a traitor being promoted makes sense. However, then comes Krone who seems like she can’t hold a secret to save her life so her being chosen is weird to me.

But the whole system doesn’t make a lot of sense. Both the smartest and dumbest are eaten, and neither Krone or Isabella seem like they are right dab in the middle. If anything, they are on opposite ends. Also, with Krone coming on board, there isn’t an answer to the question of whether there are dad and where these kids come from? Never mind we don’t know where and how many farms there are.

Though the thing to really take note of is Ray being fingered by Norman and whether that’s true or not. It seems plausible, but there is that vibe that maybe Norman is trying to pull something. For, first off, he doesn’t have a way to punish Ray what so ever. Emma isn’t willing to leave anyone behind so what can he do? Attack or kill Ray, and that means Isabella, who assumingly knows who her snitch is, coming after Norman and Ray swiftly. Telling Emma just means a long conversation, with her asking why, so does this just mean he won’t know how to leave until it is time to go? If not, considering how much Emma trust Norman, he’ll just do something to leave Ray to the moms and allow him to be seen as collateral damage?


  1. Ray being the traitor brings a lot of intrigue, though there is this vibe he may not be the only one.
  2. With ten days before leaving, it means by episode 6 they should be leaving the farm and setting up at least half the season being dedicated to the outside world.
  3. This episode really pushed the need to question how does one become a mom?

On The Fence

Krone pressing Gilda to give her information.
Krone: Gilda, so you know about everything now, don’t you?
  1. Krome is a bit too much for me. She is like a mad clown in a serious thriller and it is a little bit annoying.

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Season 1/ Episode 1 “121045”

The Promised Neverland balances out childhood innocence with the type of creepiness which puts you a tad on edge.

Creator Kaiu Shirai
Director(s) Mamoru Kanbe
Writer(s) Toshiya Ono
Air Date 1/9/2018
Genre(s) Fantasy
Good If You Like Children As Leads In Dark Productions
Isn’t For You If You Like Shows To Be Slower And Build Up To The Shocking Moment Longer
Introduced This Episode
Ray Ise Mariya
Emma Morohoshi Sumire
Norman Uchida Maaya
Conny Ari Ozawa
Isabella Kaida Yuuko

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