The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 1 Episode 8 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Chise and Ruth

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The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 1 Episode 8 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Chise and Elias

The silver-haired being gets fully exposed and once more, we are left with more questions than answers.

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Everyone Has a Dark Side: Elias, Chise

With Elias thinking Chise is dead, so goes any sense of humanity he was holding onto. Leading to Joseph, or Caratphilus’ pet monster being ripped apart limb by limb and with Joseph being next. That is, until Chise stops him and Renfred puts a bullet in Cartaphilus’ head. Yet, he doesn’t die and still wants Ulysse. Leading to Chise showing her dark side and her magic exploding like Elias did when Chise was seemingly killed. And to make matters worse, she is going against the rules of magic as her anger grows and it becomes so volatile and even eats away at Elias when he reaches out to her. Yet, like how she calmed Elias down, he calms her down and so ends the first and second battle against Joseph.

Cartaphilus: Renfred, Elias

The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 1 Episode 8 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Cartaphilus or Joseph

Backtracking a little bit, that silver-haired monster? It’s real name, like Elias’ is Pilum Murialis, Joseph’s real name is Cataphilus. A being which seemingly, like Elias, is neither fairy nor human but trapped somewhere in between. Renfred expands this a bit by noting saying Joseph was cursed by the son of God to live forever so now it satiates its curiosity to give its life purpose. Also to distract from the pain of forever living and seemingly dying.

On top of that, we learn also like Elias, this human form is not its own. One of its arms belongs to Renfred and who knows where the other parts came from. What is known though is that the beast it truly looks like has an ogre-like hand and red eyes.

The Birth of Ruth: Chise, Elias, Renfred, Alice, Joseph, Ruth

Now, after two battles, and Joseph being put on the ropes by Renfred’s bullet, Ruth joins the fight. After Chise spends time in his memories, helps him realize he has always been a dog and Isabelle is dead, he is finally ready to move on. In fact, he wants to move on by becoming Chise’s Familiar. Something Elias reveals they will share more than the burden of her magic but also their emotions, senses, as well as their time. Meaning when Chise inevitably dies, so will Ruth.

Someone who gets this name after he and Chise seal their pack. Leading to Ruth attacking Joseph’s monster, which has Isabelle’s upper body, and killing it. And after so many defeats in a row, Joseph decides to tap out. For his monsters keep dying, he keeps getting shot, Alice even fires a few rounds into him, and he is getting tired of it and rather tap out. So, like how Elias sometimes disappears into shadow, so does Joseph.

Thus leaving the masters to chastise their students for acting recklessly and giving a slight nod to their counterparts. Oh, and of course, the newly named Ruth joins Chise by her side. Forever and always.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • A carriage killed Isabelle
  • The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 1 Episode 8 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Elias
    Chise not being afraid of Elias no matter what his form

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are most Church Grim’s created by dogs, or other pets, waiting for their owners to rise from the grave?
  2. What is the Tacit agreement between magic users?
  3. When Renfred said the son of God cursed Joseph, was he referring to Jesus?
  4. Based on the way Joseph and the Blue Flame Will o’ the Wisp talked, is it generally rude to say a fairy’s real name?
  5. Does Joseph have the ability to fight at all?


Deeper Into The Magic

You ever watch a show about magic or futuristic things and just felt like everyone being so adjusted to everything left you out in the cold a bit? Yeah, The Ancient Magus’ Bride doesn’t let us feel that way. Now, does it explain every last detail about magic? No. We aren’t given fleshed out details about the Tacit agreement beyond what kind of magic can and cannot be done. Also, it isn’t clear between Wiccan magic, what exists in the Judeo-Christian faith, and the various others, what rules or type of magic are we dealing with?

But, while stuff like that remains a bit confusing, we do get to understand some laws of magic, are introduced to what Church Grims are, Will o’ the Wisp, and get the vibe that stuff is being explained to use just like Chise. Making the program a bit more enjoyable.

Cartaphilus Revealed

The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 1 Episode 8 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Joseph

I don’t know what Cartaphilus truly is, but I will admit I’m slightly freaked out. Especially by this being having the ability to seemingly take other entities body parts and make them his own. Much less his experiments. Add in he is cursed possibly by Jesus, and Jesus has always been touted as a rather forgiving and loving fellow, and it raises so many red flags.

Now, granted, son of God could really mean anything so Joseph being cursed by Jesus is unlikely. Plus, with us already seeing the Faery king and queen, who is to say there aren’t gods of the elements among other things? Either way, we finally got a name to put to the face.

The Chibi Moments

Acting as both comic relief and a signal the dark moments are over, I must admit I enjoy when the show shifts. For what The Ancient Magus Bride does is a serious juggling act. As seen with Elias’ battle, alongside Ruth’s, and what Chise was going to do, there is a certain amount of action elements in this show. Also, with the lore of how magic works and its laws, there is an air of mystery. Especially as we meet more and more beings beyond the traditional ones which are usually planted within fairy tales. Yet, at its heart, what we have are these beings which aren’t humans trying to live in a similar fashion. That is, finding love, companionship, and while they do become frustrated about the pursuit, and trying to maintain it, they come back for more. Making these chibi moments sort of show everyone how they really are. Elias isn’t just some nearly 7 foot tall being, he is this sort of cute and cuddly figure. One who maybe made up of thorns, shadows, and bone, and yet his chibi figure is what represents his true personality. If not at least what he wants to be seen as. Even when it comes to Renfred and Alice, their moment, in the picture above, represents their true selves. Alice is but a young woman who adores her master and wants nothing more than his love and validation. Meanwhile, Renfred is like this big brother stuck with Alice but loves her just the same.

On The Fence

So, Where to From Here?

One of the things which keeps complicating the experience of watching this show is not knowing where it is going? What is the ultimate goal here? Just finding a way to extend Chise’s life? Is that it? Because with Joseph seeming like an insatiable wandering entity than a villain, while we likely haven’t seen the last of him, I don’t expect him to act as a sort of villain. Also, Renfred and Alice may have popped up again, but I don’t see them being much trouble either. So what should we expect to see here? Just a love story between a girl and this being stuck between two worlds? Of which will include the trials and tribulations of them both being knee deep in the world of magic and otherworldly beings who seemingly refuse to allow them peace?

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