Cosette, Anna, and Takt before Cosette (Destiny) destroys Takt's house
Cosette, Anna, and Takt

We pick up right where we left off in episode 2 and learn what led Anna, Takt, and Cosette (Destiny) to head out east down the path they did.

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We pick up right where we left off in episode 2 and learn what led Anna, Takt, and Cosette (Destiny) to head out east down the path they did.

Aired 10/19/2021
Network VRV
Directed By Tomoya Kitagawa
Written By Kiyoko Yoshimura

Newly Noted


Leonard aka Lenny (Hino Satoshi)

Lenny is one of the conductors for the Symphonic whose musicart is Titan

Titan (Itou Miku)

A stable musicart, compared to Destiny, who uses a projectile weapon.

Locations & Items

  • Harmonia Ore: What musicarts are made of or come from that counteracts the Black Night Siderite that are the origins of the D2


Not A Mentor, But Will Provide Basics – Leonard, Titan, Takt, Anna, Destiny

After Destiny, formerly known as Cosette, defeats the D2s, Takt passes out and doesn’t awaken until the next day. It is then when he learns Cosette is no more and now a musicart, named Destiny, has taken over her body, and he is connected to her in more ways than one. This is worrisome to a conductor named Leonard for with him having knowledge of how musicarts are raised and trained, Destiny is an anomaly.

Granted, in some good ways, since her senses surpass Leonard’s musicart Titan. However, with Destiny feeding off Takt’s lifeforce, it is recommended that he take her to the Symphonic in hopes they might be able to do something. Otherwise, Takt and Destiny may not last long.

However, considering most of the country is still recovering from the attacks, and the infrastructure isn’t back to take a plane or train, it means driving across the country. This task is dangerous because the Midwest, mainly in the Great Lakes area, is still a hot zone for D2s. But, with Anna’s family in New York, Takt allowing his home to be destroyed when D2s attack and Destiny having nothing to hold her back, it is decided that Takt, Anna, and Destiny will head to New York.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What did Leonard mean by thinking this was planned?

What Could Happen Next

  1. We’ll be back on the road again.


On The Fence

A Few More Details

While we got stylized action, as we did before, not much happened or was revealed in this episode. We learned Destiny is slowly killing Takt, which is useful information. Also, a bit of the origin of Musicarts. However, could more have been done or some things cut to help push the story along further? Yes. Pacing right now is a bit of an issue since we jumped to the past for two episodes and now may launch forward. But, to be honest, there isn’t a notable amount of things thus far to make that ride seem worth it. At least on a consistent basis.

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Cosette, Anna, and Takt before Cosette (Destiny) destroys Takt's house
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A Few More Details

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