Death Gun’s true identity, partly, is revealed and we begin the transition to the 2nd half of the season.

Trigger Warning(s): Attempted Sexual Assault

Review (with Spoilers)

With 24 episodes, and this being episode 13, it means it is time for the show to begin shifting toward its 2nd arc. However, with Death Gun alive and well, as well as his associates, there is the problem that the main issue of the first arc hasn’t been solved. Partly because of Kirito not knowing Death Gun’s name, as well as Asuna and their friends; no knowledge of who Death Gun’s associates are; and Kirito, as of the last episode, outmatched when it comes to skill and weaponry. But with him being the hero, and the sense of danger far less than the first season, naturally he survives to fight another day.

Topic 1: I Remember Now – Kirito & Death Gun

As Kirito continues to get his butt kicked by Death Gun, flashbacks ensue as he does his best to remember Death Gun’s name and not end up defeated. For while he has a little past half of his HP, Death Gun’s speed, and superior weapon makes it seem Shinon’s life remains in serious danger. However, being that Kirito’s blood is pumping to the level that the Asuphere would disconnect him [1], it seems all that blood circulating opens up a door revealing he does know Death Gun’s real name. Not because of him saying it, but because Kirito remembers his red eyes during a briefing before the siege of the Laughing Coffin HQ and then the name pops into his head: Zaza. A name, once said out loud, throws Death Gun off his game. Add in Shinon having Death Gun in her sights and presenting the phantom bullet, and you get Kirito slashing Death Gun in half. But let it be known, this saga is far from over.

Topic 2: Present Grenade – Kirito & Sinon

Now, with Death Gun defeated you’d think now we would see Kirito and Shinon face off. Thing is, Shinon would prefer to face Kirito at his best and with him at around half of his health, and Shinon not wanting a handicap, they decide to postpone their fight. Thus leading to the question of who would get to win? Well, that is decided with what Shinon calls a present grenade. A grenade which kills them both and leads to BoB, for the 2nd time in its history, ending in a tie. Something which strangely all viewers of BoB cheer for, which I find odd since you’d think they all would be upset not to see these two face off. Especially since many were placing bets on one or the other.

Topic 3: Behind the Mask – Shinon & Shinkawa

Before the double suicide, Shinon and Kirito exchanged their real names and Shinon mentions where she lives. Which is somewhere near the hospital. Now, with Shinon knowing someone was standing over her possibly while BoB was going on, she frantically checks every possible hiding spot in her apartment and really freaks out when Shinkawa comes to her door. Though, from what it seems, he is just there to congratulate her. That is until he mentions Shinon telling him to wait when it comes to their relationship. For with BoB over, he thinks now is the time for them to become romantic, as well as intimate. Thus leading to his character snapping and presenting a moment in which it looks like he may rape her.

Though him snapping isn’t the only creepy thing about this situation, for we learn he is a member of Death Gun’s crew and is the one assigned to take Shinon out. Something which perhaps we should have caught since the show reminds us he is training to be a doctor and his father works at the hospital, making it so him getting a paralyzing serum isn’t too difficult. Making Shinon lucky he never did anything to her before. However, considering she is now awake and may possibly be raped, either way, she has found herself put in a devastating situation. And, to make things a bit worse, she learns she was targeted, and liked, solely because she murdered someone and that turns Shinkawa on.

But while she, at first, begins to cower away in the recesses of her mind, Sinon appears and reminds her to be strong. Leading her to attack Shinkawa and makes a run for it. Unfortunately, though, one of them put every single lock imaginable on the door and it slows her down just enough for him to grab her leg and drag her into the apartment. Though, as luck would have it, she unlocked just enough locks for Kirito to come in and save her. Though with Shinkawa still having that syringe, and Kirito going back and forth with him, there is no guarantee that someone isn’t about to get muscular paralysis.

Things To Note

  1. And making Asuna very worried for according to nurse Aki, between his blood pressure and him beginning to suffer from dehydration, his health was degrading.
  2. Excuse any issues with the Shinon/Shino/ Sinon name mix-ups up to this point.

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