SukaSuka feebly attempts to get emotional and skips over something long awaited for – an actual battle featuring the fairies we’ve come to know. Island 11 – City of Corna di Luce: Willem, Tiat With little Tiat having a Harbinger dream, she must get checked at another island’s hospital. Reason being, the Harbinger dream is…

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SukaSuka feebly attempts to get emotional and skips over something long awaited for – an actual battle featuring the fairies we’ve come to know.

Island 11 – City of Corna di Luce: Willem, Tiat

With little Tiat having a Harbinger dream, she must get checked at another island’s hospital. Reason being, the Harbinger dream is usually a signal of what faeries may be capable of when it comes to Dug weapons. Something we learn that not just any fairy can handle so between the Harbinger dreams and “tuning,” the doctors within City of Coma di Luce do their best to make sure these children grow into significant warriors. [note]While in the city we meet more and more odd beings that sadly we don’t get introduced to. Though it is perhaps one group, the Annihilation Knights, there is a strong desire to understand. If only because they seem to destroy a rabbit being’s shop because they supported the mayor[/note]


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With this topic and the one following, you can see there is some attempt at establishing some sort of emotion with this series. However, there is just not something clicking with me. Which is sort of strange for we are talking about children who are designed to not feel much talking as if going to battle is fun and games. Then, on top of that, we have Willem who you can tell is very triggered by all that has happened recently because of those he lost before he was put in a suspended state.

Yet, even with one of the dozens of little girls not just being a random hair color anymore, and him growing close to her, acting as a big brother of sorts, there is nothing there. No “Aw,” no sigh over the possibility of this child being slaughtered and Willem having to do one last fight or anything like that. Even when he has to leave her at the hospital overnight, something which she doesn’t fully seem fine with, even if she doesn’t see herself as a kid, again no real emotional response.

The Fate of Island 15 and the Battle against Timere: Willem, Ren, Ithea, Chtholly

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Willem is having nightmares about what may have happened to Ren, Ithea, but especially Chtholly. After all, their battle is protected by some barrier where there is no communication. So even at a military HQ, they are out of the loop. However, before noon when Willem is scheduled to pickup Tiat, he learns the result of the battle on Island 15 – a defeat.

This naturally sends him into a depression that is swift and leads his odd interaction with a fox women about meeting Officer Limeskin no longer a worry of his. But then he sees the girls and with a lightning fast maneuver, he holds Chtholly for an embarrassing amount of time. So embarrassing that when he finally releases her, she smacks him.


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Considering the image of Willem after fighting one of the beasts which threaten the world, I gotta admit I was hoping to see Chtholly and crew face off against one. However, like before, we just see them return from battle with marks on their armor and a few scratches. Which is so frustrating! This show barely has an emotional pulse so the only thing which seemingly could save it would be epic battle scenes. However, outside of Chtholly and Willem’s spar session in the last episode, we only get to see the damage after the fight. Something I hope isn’t what we should get used to. For honestly, there has yet to be a truly interesting character and this show is slowly starting to feel like a drag.

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