Steins;Gate 0: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Eclipse of Orbital Ordering – The Orbital Eclipse” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Just when you are left thinking Steins;Gate 0 is just dragging us along, they present a trigger which may force Okabe into some real action.

Director(s)Kenichi Kawamura
Writer(s)Jukki Hanada
Air Date5/16/2018

Welcome To The Family: Kagari, Okabe, Moeka, Mayushii

After the fainting spell, Kagari is back to life and though she may not outright remember Mayushii, she connects with her. So, with that noted, Okabe lets Moeka know she was found and has her continue the search for who else is looking for her. Seemingly resigning the idea she is still an agent for SERN and a threat.

Thus leading everyone to enjoy the rest of the day as well as New Years. Though, with suspicious characters still lurking about, the good times only roll temporarily.

Somethings Never Change: Okabe, Mayushii, Maho

Despite Moeka seemingly not being part of SERN, someone is clearly watching over Okabe, Maho, and the lab team. Making it so when the lab is rushed by people in masks, alongside access to Amadeus being shut off, Okabe thinks the worse. After all, this is similar to when Moeka and SERN rushed the lab and that lead to Mayushii’s death. The one thing Okabe has tried to avoid and has kept him in this timeline.


A gunman pointing his weapon at Okabe and his friends.
“Don’t Move!”

Steins;Gate is on a lifeline with me and it may flatline soon. For while this Kagari plot has livened things up, as well as these gunmen showing up, this whole, the last 5 minutes changes everything, bait and switch is getting on my nerves. To the point that the Steins;Gate name I don’t think holds much, if any, weight anymore.

The nostalgia is nearly gone and as much as I try to not quit things halfway when possible, I just don’t get any real reaction out of this show. I don’t hate it, certainly don’t love it, and am not even iffy. Potential doesn’t necessarily exist because the show never solved the main issue it faced. That is, Okabe, in the original series, going through every which scenario, bad and good, to reach the perfect ending. And while the bad ending is slowly, but surely, playing out, it’s so slow that it really tests your devotion.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Could it be Moeka still worked for SERN but in a different capacity? Heck, were the people who broke in even related to SERN?

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  1. It doesn’t help that it has such a large episode count either. Really making you wonder how long will it be until it really picks up. Dealing with a 23+ episode show that doesn’t get good, or to the point, until episode 18 or 19 is terrible.

  2. I’m enjoying this a little more, but it definitely hasn’t grabbed me like the original. For me, this series is watchable but I’ll probably swiftly forget it once it is done airing as so far none of the dialogue or interactions has stood out to me. It just kind of is.

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