Loid meets his match in Yor, but with neither knowing the truth about their partner, how long can they keep up a façade?

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Loid meets his match in Yor, but with neither knowing the truth about their partner, how long can they keep up a façade?

Aired 4/16/2022
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By Takahiro Harada
Written By Rino Yamazaki
Introduced This Episode
Yor Saori Hayami
Camilla Shouji Umeka
Dominic Kajikawa Shouhei
Franky Hiroyuki Yoshino


The Thorn Princess – Yor

Yor (Saori Hayami) trying to blend in at work
Yor (Saori Hayami)

27-year-old Yor grew up without parents and had to raise her little brother on her own. Because of this, she became an assassin to help make ends meet and pave the way for her brother to become a civil servant. Unfortunately, this has led to her not necessarily having much of a life for herself, and while undercover, working in the same field as her brother, she comes to realize how different she is. In fact, she is so different that she is suspected of potentially being a spy.

A Chance Meeting – Yor, Loid, Anya, Franky

Loid’s quest to find a wife for Anya’s school interview is hard. He tries to make Franky, his informant, feminine, but that doesn’t work. Franky just looks like a drag queen new on the scene when Loid tries to make him up. Also, Anya rejects him.

Franky (Hiroyuki Yoshino) arguing with Loid
Franky (Hiroyuki Yoshino) and Loid

However, when Loid takes Anya to get a dress, Yor is there to fix a dress she ripped while assassinating a government official the night before, and he is awe-struck by her. In fact, the feeling is mutual, but after seeing Anya, Yor begins to back off due to the assumption Loid may have a wife. Thankfully, Anya picks up on this, makes sure Yor knows Loid doesn’t have anyone, and with that, Yor decides to propose Loid be her date for an office party. One, she needs to go well since her brother worries about her, and some of the ladies at her job are starting to form rumors about her.

Loid agrees, and in return, he asks her to help with Anya’s entrance interview, to which she agrees.

Will You Marry Me? – Yor, Dominic, Camilla, Loid

Thanks to a last-minute assignment, Loid ends up late to meet up with Yor, who feels like she has been stood up. Thankfully though, after dealing with her brother’s friend Dominic, and his Queen Bee-type partner Camilla, Loid shows up with blood on him. This leads to an awkward moment by saying Yor is his wife and then trying to explain the blood on him is due to a patient having a psychiatric break.

Camilla, who is suddenly jealous of Yor, for she can’t believe Yor snagged a tall and handsome doctor, decides she will embarrass her, but Yor catches the tray that was meant to ruin her dress. That is done in such a way to show Yor is not normal, but no one questions it.

Camilla (Shouji Umeka) and Dominic (Kajikawa Shouhei) as Camilla flips out
Camilla (Shouji Umeka) and Dominic (Kajikawa Shouhei)

That ends up being the theme of the night for Yor and Loid when they leave Camilla’s party, as Loid being chased by people trying to shoot him is downplayed as part of his job as a psychiatrist. Alongside that, Yor’s fighting abilities are downplayed, despite her whooping as much ass as Loid.

But, after seeing how well they get along, Yor actually proposes to Loid to keep their relationship going and for them to be married. Which, with Yor handling herself well, works perfectly with Loid’s plan and needs.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who does Yor work for, and would she ever be sent to kill Loid?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Loid and Yor fall in love for real and have a Mr. and Mrs. Smith situation when tasked with killing one another.



Yor and Loid Seem Like A Cute Match

With both not having much in the way of childhoods, and being recruited young, paired with awkwardness in social situations, they could be a beautiful match. Especially as they learn what it means to have normalcy through their relationship and having the kind of family neither probably imagined they’d have in their life.

Anya’s Mind Reading Abilities Being Essential To This Show

From what it seems, Anya will be the one who pushes things along in the show. When Loid, maybe even Yor, gets stuck on something, her mind-reading abilities will push her adoptive parents to act. Such is the case when they get together, and with her seemingly wanting to be involved in their missions, watch her get involved. Specifically in keeping them from being killed or even learning an enemy is nearby.

An idea that, honestly, makes me wonder how this show would be if it had a more serious tone.

The Action Might Have Been Cartoony, But It Is Entertaining

Action in anime can be very hit or miss. Most operate on a Star Wars or even Batman scope of it being a lot of back and forth but lacking in terms of you recognizing you’re watching violence. However, while I wouldn’t say Spy x Family gives you flinch-worthy action, it gives enough for you to see it as comical yet also establish that Loid and Yor are veterans in their business. Both with more than a decade of experience and training.

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Yor and Loid committing to one another
Spy x Family: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Mission 2: Secure A Wife” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With the family unit now together, so comes the comedic moments of Yor and Loid trying to be in a relationship, Anya keeping them together, and all the threats that want to end their careers.
Yor and Loid Seem Like A Cute Match
Anya's Mind Reading Abilities Being Essential To This Show
The Action Might Have Been Cartoony, But It Is Entertaining

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