As Yuliy and Agatha recover, we see and learn why Philip has beef with Yuliy. Network Netflix Director(s) Masahiro Ando Writer(s) Keigo Koyanagi Air Date (Original) 7/19/2018 Actors Introduced Hideomi Iba Junji Majima Saki ? Dr. Harada ? Are The Hyakko Party, Vampires, and Alma Trading Company Connected?: Willard, Hideomi From what it seems, there…

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As Yuliy and Agatha recover, we see and learn why Philip has beef with Yuliy.

Director(s) Masahiro Ando
Writer(s) Keigo Koyanagi
Air Date (Original) 7/19/2018
Actors Introduced
Hideomi Iba Junji Majima
Saki ?
Dr. Harada ?

Are The Hyakko Party, Vampires, and Alma Trading Company Connected?: Willard, Hideomi

From what it seems, there is a rather large network when it comes to the Alma Trading Company and V Shipping, when it comes to espionage. One of which, for V Shipping, includes a bartender who gathers information. Such as the Alma Trading Company doing business with the local military to ship weapons. Something the vampires may or may not be involved in. It isn’t clear.

What is clear though is that Major Hideomi Iba isn’t fond of the Jaegars, being that they are foreigners, and the way they move about the city. And while his team seemingly aren’t on the vampires’ side, they aren’t on the Jaegar’s either.


Yuliy telling Professor Willard about why he went off during the fight against Agatha.
Yuliy: I could feel the animal blood rushing through my veins.

I gotta admit, the investigation side of this show is boring as hell. Maybe it is because Professor Willard is a bit of a stiff or that neither he, nor Dorothea, are developing the culture or world we’re witnessing in their research. It’s hard to say what is the exact reason but I hope it gets better. For even the espionage portion doesn’t really inspire much in the way of interest.

Yuliy’s Recovery: Philip, Yuliy, Saki, Willard

Yuliy’s story, which is in the series synopsis, still hasn’t fully arrived but it is hinted to. Mostly in the form of Professor Willard hinting to him being an animal and him having to suppress that. Alongside mentions of being in a pack.

But, focusing on what does get developed, we get to see that, despite being shot somewhere near the heart or at least through a lung, it only takes him two days to get back on his feet. Maybe three to be at his full potential. After that, he is walking around, helping the daughter of the doctor who healed him, Saki, with tomato plants, and we learn about why Philip is such an ass towards Yuliy. Reason being, Yuliy’s brother did bad stuff to Philip’s parents. Not Yuliy, at all, he wasn’t even there, but just by being that person’s brother there is hate.


Yuliy's brother.

This is why I’m usually hesitant about giving positive labels at the start of series. For while I enjoy these characters, when they aren’t fighting vampires they are kind of dull. There isn’t any real emotional attachment to these people and while Philip mentions something happening to his family and Saki bonds with Yuliy about losing their mothers, I got nothing. We got character development but as for you feeling touched, maybe a little teary eyed? The tone of the show doesn’t foster that.

Your Brother Will See You Now: Agatha, Dr. Harada, Saki, Philip, Yuliy

With Yuliy having spent a few days at Dr. Harada’s home, with Philip there to protect him, they get to know the household well. Yuliy, as noted, bonds with Saki and being that Philip isn’t close to Yuliy, and Saki doesn’t appreciate how Philip is mean to her big brother Yuliy, he just wanders the house. This leads to him discovering that Dr. Harada is making an artificial heart. Something that seemingly attracts the vampires because, between his work and the work of other humans making artificial organs, it seems they either don’t support the creation or want control of it. Even to the point of, seemingly, involving the Hyakko Party to occasionally do their bidding.

In the case of Dr. Harada, however, being that Dr. Harada’s maid snitches on Yuliy being in the house, Agatha goes there, with enhancements, to take out Yuliy. However, she doesn’t just go after Dr. Harada’s documents and Yuliy, she also turns the doctor into a vampire. Leading to a whole lot of trauma for poor Saki as she sees Yuliy and Philip murder vampires, blood flies all about, and her see her father and Agatha die.

Leading to Yuliy going for the documents that were taken but, before he can do so, his brother appears and the shock freezes him in place.


Agatha ready for battle.

Agatha is a royal who got taken down way too easily to me. If she is supposed to be one of the strongest vampires, how can she die in episode 2? Shouldn’t she be touted as one of the weakest of the strongest? As you can tell, I got mixed emotions here. For as strong as this makes Yuliy, it also makes the vampires, as a whole, look weak. For it isn’t like before where the Jaegars were all going after her so then it was a numbers game. Agatha was going one on one with someone who, from my perspective, healed slower than her. So her losing as she did seemed kind of pathetic. To the point it didn’t even boost Yuliy.

But, with her mentioning some kind of arc and then Yuliy’s brother appearing, maybe something cool may come out of episode three? For while the battles remain the best part of the show, everything else is seriously lacking.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Momose Naotora is the leader of the anti-government forces, The Hyakko Party, and considers himself the last true samurai.


  1. The battles on this show.

On The Fence

  1. It doesn’t have the tone needed to make characters talking about things which make them sad or depressed have a certain oomph to them. You can see it in the animation some subjects are hard to deal with but don’t feel it yourself.
  2. The whole investigation into the Hyakko Party and the vampires doesn’t inspire much in the way of interest. It barely even makes for a quality build to the fight scenes.

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