Sing “Yesterday” For Me: Season 1 Episode 7 “Premonition of a Couple” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

As one of their friends hit a milestone, Shinako and Rikuo find themselves triggered and looking at their young admirers in a different light.

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Shinako and Rou, as Rou holds onto Shinako.

As one of their friends hit a milestone, Shinako and Rikuo find themselves triggered and looking at their young admirers in a different light.

Directed By Fujiwara Yoshiyuki
Written By Fujiwara Yoshiyuki, Tanaka Jin
Aired (Crunchyroll) 5/16/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Dinner With Haru – Haru, Rikuo

Be it guilt over how he has treated her recently, Rikuo decides to have dinner with Haru. Mind you, not on a date! However, they do talk a little bit about what Rikuo is going through at work, and him thinking about what’s next in life. Which doesn’t necessarily bring them to the place Haru wants them to be but certainly seems to bring them closer since Rikuo becomes far more open than he has ever been.

A Family Friend – Shinako, Rou

As for Rou? Well, he still lives in his older brother, Yuu’s, shadow. For while taller, and alive, when Shinako looks at him, even just his arm, it triggers feelings for Yuu. Which Rou is getting sick of since he is here and he likes Shinako. However, no matter how much older he gets, taller, more artistic, Shinako sees him as the younger brother of the guy she had a crush on.

Yet, she knows Rou will keep being persistent, and she isn’t sure what’s the best way to let him know he needs to stop without losing him and Yuu’s family forever?

Persistence – Shinako, Rikuo

Shinako noting she wished Rikuo was more persistent.
Shinako: But I’ve wished you had the pushiness that Rou-kun does.

And speaking of persistence, with realizing Rou may be one of the keys to triggering old feelings of Yuu, so comes the need to wonder if she needs a break? She wants to move on, but is she really doing so wholeheartedly? Heck, is it even Rou, or has Yuu been an excuse all her young life? It’s hard to pin down why she holds onto Yuu, but she is coming to realize that, if she continues to do so, she’ll end up alone.

This is all said to Rikuo, who has long seen himself as friend-zoned, so he takes little note of Shinako’s vulnerability. That is until she mentions Rou’s persistence and wishing Rikuo had the same, and then she invited him to her apartment. Leading Rikuo to wonder not just what happened, but what might?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“In the end, I can’t move on unless someone pulls me.”
— Shinako


Does Rikuo Have A Chance?

Which is it: Shinako realizing she likes Rikuo or Rikuo making himself so available, he seems like the answer to Shinako’s fear of ending up lonely? It’s a serious question, and with this show not being a comedy, it should be interesting how “Sing ‘Yesterday’ For Me” explores Shinako’s newfound feelings and, after all this time, if Rikuo’s fantasy lives up to the real thing. I mean, think about it this way, she rejected him once and outright said she is lonely before coming to the idea of giving Rikuo a chance. All the while, Haru, who has chosen Rikuo, even with other dudes her age approaching her, has maintained her interest, even after him being cruel to her.

Leaving you to wonder, will this relationship become something, will it last, or will it be to get the idea out of Rikuo’s system?


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Does Rikuo Have A Chance? - 82%


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