Sing “Yesterday” For Me: Season 1 Episode 5 “Scenes 5: The Man Named Minato” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

A challenger for Haru’s heart enters the fray, and you’re led to wonder, will he break Rikuo’s spell on Haru?

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A picture of Haru that Minato took.

A challenger for Haru’s heart enters the fray, and you’re led to wonder, will he break Rikuo’s spell on Haru?

Directed By Fujiwara Yoshiyuki
Written By Fujiwara Yoshiyuki, Tanaka Jin
Aired (Crunchyroll) 5/2/2020
Introduced This Episode
Minato Ono Yuuki

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

A New Job, A New Rival?! – Minato, Haru, Rikuo, Shinako

While still working at the Niko Mart, Rikuo picks up a job at the Koga Gallery, thanks to a friend. Leading to Haru taking note of him trying to make money and questioning what the goal is? The answer? A camera.

But, it seems to be more than just a camera. Perhaps after being in a rut for a while, Rikuo is finally able to move forward? I mean, that would be in tune with Shinako, who, after many years mourning her ex, seems ready to stop going in circles, as she says.

However, when it comes to Haru, she is still very much stuck on Rikuo. She isn’t sure why but with Minato, someone from her year in school, working with Rikuo suddenly, it seems Rikuo may have some competition. Not just with Haru, but work as well since Minato is a photographer and knows the craft well enough to make Rikuo feel threatened.

When Does Perseverance Meet A Lost Cause? – Minato, Haru, Rikuo

Minato (Ono Yuuki) on a date with Haru.
Minato (Ono Yuuki)

Thus making his feelings towards Haru becoming mixed emotions for Rikuo. On the one hand, Rikuo doesn’t like Haru the way she likes him. But, Minato is starting to take what little Rikuo has. Not to imply he, by any means, gets involved with what Rikuo truly cares about, Shinako, but there is something nice about being chased.

And lucky for Rikuo, despite Minato doing all for Haru what she does for Rikuo, she rejects him. For while she feels like Rikuo’s backup, and recognizes he doesn’t respect her feelings and is an ass, she feels like she can’t give up. But in rejecting Minato, he gives up and seems ready to move on. Not just from his affections for Haru, which he ends in a gentleman’s way, but being in Japan, college, just all of it.

Not to imply he decides to go jump off a bridge, but it seems what was holding him back was the “What If” or wondering if he just waited longer, what could happen. Making Haru note that’s just what she is doing an eye-opener, and maybe that push he needed to move on, move out, and truly live.


A Reminder That Haru Has Options

I think it is important to remind us that, despite dropping out of high school and working at a bar, men still desire Haru. Her being passively, though often actively, rejected by Rikuo, isn’t because she isn’t seen as attractive. It’s just he is hung up on a crush, and maybe can’t process being with someone like her. Be it due to age, or just not used to the idea of a woman pursuing him?

Though with Shinako moving on from her ex, and maybe reminding Rikuo she doesn’t see more for them, that could stir something up? For surely, Haru, who claims she loves Rikuo, can’t be stuck on him forever.

Rikuo Taking Steps Towards His Dreams

Sometimes there is a need to remind ourselves Rikuo isn’t in his 30s cruising through life. If Minato is in his second year in college, and Rikuo graduated around 6 or so months ago, both are in their 20s. Granted, as shown by Shinako and Minato, some are more in tune with what they want to do career-wise. However, for some, it is easier to take a beat and really gather their thoughts than just jump in.

I mean, isn’t that why Rikuo didn’t join his friend who he went drinking with at some company where he kills himself with overtime for work? That’s not his bag. He wants flexibility, and the Niko Mart gave him that. But now with working at the Koga Gallery, it seems he is ready to take on a career and all that calls for.


A Reminder That Haru Has Options - 82%
Rikuo Taking Steps Towards His Dreams - 85%


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