Sing “Yesterday” For Me: Season 1 Episode 3 “Scene 3: What Is Love?” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Haru reveals a lot of herself to Rikuo and the audience in an episode that may feel like a gut punch.

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Haru crying.

Haru reveals a lot of herself to Rikuo and the audience in an episode that may feel like a gut punch.

Directed By Fujiwara Yoshiyuki
Written By Fujiwara Yoshiyuki, Tanaka Jin
Aired (Crunchyroll) 4/18/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Trying To Take Things To The Next Level – Rikuo, Haru

The only way to compete with Shinako is to do what she does not, which includes going on a date with Rikuo. The only thing is, he is very weird about hanging out, and while happy to have his friendship, Haru wants more. So there is a strong hope she can break through to the other side and get Rikuo to fall in love with her.

Life When You Aren’t A Priority – Haru, Rikuo, Shinako

A movie date was set, and guess who doesn’t show up? Rikuo. Why? Because, after getting sick, and Shinako delivering him some food, he felt the need to take care of her when sick and stayed up through the night. In doing so, he ends up sleeping past when he was supposed to meet Haru.

However, at first, she forgives him. After all, Rikuo just not showing up doesn’t seem like something he’d do. That would be cruel. But, with him revealing he was taking care of Shinako, that is a gut punch. The woman who doesn’t want you gets priority over the one who consistently makes sure to see you and spend time with you.

Haru sitting on the stairs that go to Rikuo's apartment.

With him doing that, she decides she needs a break from Rikuo.

I’ve Run So Much That I Minas Well Try A Different Way – Rikuo, Haru

In many ways, this is a Haru focused episode, hence us getting to see her job, the Milk Hall, meeting her mother, and learning a handful of things. Be it her last name, that she is 18, her height, her weight, just random facts. But the biggest thing we learn is that she lives by herself due to her grandpa dying and being able to inherit his place. A decision that might have been made due to her mom’s dating life, which isn’t scandalous but likely has made Haru a bit uncomfortable.

Bringing us back to Rikuo who, with getting used to Haru popping up, misses her a bit, and the feeling is mutual. It’s just, Haru is so used to running from disappointments and things that are getting hard that Rikuo seems like a natural continuance of how she operates. I mean, that’s why she doesn’t have his number, or he have hers – it gives her the ability to escape.

Haru noting she wants Rikuo to get to know her.
Haru: I want you to get to know me.

But, maybe it is turning 18 or hitting a new stage in life, either way, she decides to, when Rikuo sees her by happenstance, let him know a lot of the basics about her. Thus giving them a second chance.


When Haru Got Stood Up, That Hurt

While it seems clear Rikuo will never care for Haru as she’d like to be, that doesn’t mean you don’t have some slither of hope. Yet, in him not setting an alarm, or anything, to make sure he showed up, that hurt. Especially as you saw Haru waiting, realizing she had no number to call, and having to resign that he wasn’t going to show up.

Then, to see he was okay, and for him to lay it on her that he was with Shinako? Bad enough she got stood up but for someone who has no romantic interest in him? How does one process that kind of rejection? You, who planned a date, one that won’t cost anything for the other person but travel expenses, get stood up by someone who is stuck on a person who isn’t even their ex. They are a person who has never dated you, has rejected you, is stuck on their actual ex, and yet, here you are, someone making an effort, and you are treated as secondary.

That hurt so much it triggered a memory I don’t even know if it was mine.

The Difficulty Of A Clean Break

But I feel like we have to take note things weren’t easier for Rikuo either. If the girl who rejected you, and you knew you would struggle to be friends with came to your home, in a clutch, with food, that would mess you up a bit too. On top of that, then she gets sick, which could have been because of you? There isn’t just an obligation but maybe a hope that, in seeing you are capable and willing to step up, maybe they’ll see something more there? That maybe, just maybe, that’ll trigger deeper feelings.

Mind you, it didn’t, but who is to say there wasn’t some hope?

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