Shinako with a necklace that Rikuo gave her.

Baby steps are taken as people verbalize what they feel, and while things are still painfully slow, at least they are finally moving.

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Baby steps are taken as people verbalize what they feel, and while things are still painfully slow, at least they are finally moving.

Director(s) Fujiwara Yoshiyuki
Writer(s) Fujiwara Yoshiyuki, Tanaka Jin
Aired (Crunchyroll) 6/6/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

You Can’t Keep Doing This – Haru, Rikuo

Increasingly, Rikuo is unsure how to deal with Haru. She clearly likes him, and on top of not reciprocating her romantic feelings, he doesn’t seem to have any desire to have a friendship either. So, as kindly as possible, he tries to reject her, but she doesn’t take the hint.

Now, mind you, Haru knows she is coming off clingy at this point. However, she knows if she wants to see Rikuo it means making an effort, and him being passive-aggressive isn’t enough for her to stop doing what she is doing. Which includes waiting out in the cold, hoping he’ll show up.

Taking Things Slow – Rikuo, Shinako

Rikuo’s struggle with Shinako continues, and once again, it seems Shinako is open to the idea of there being something with Rikuo. It’s just, she doesn’t want to overtly put in the effort, but rather Rikuo take the lead.

Which may not be a gender dynamic thing, but perhaps, taking note Rou’s brother wasn’t the most engaged or active, she wants to be wooed. Heck, maybe that could be the only way for the spell to be broken? For as much as Shinako makes it seem a high bar has been set, from what we’ve seen, it hasn’t. It’s just, she hasn’t taken off her blinders in so long that it has made her not notice how she was treated or the opportunities she had to be treated better.

So, with Rikuo, who has gotten to be her friend, be reliable, and all the things she has wanted, all she needed was him to prove he really wants her and be firm about it. Making him giving her a gift, going to her apartment, and holding her, unprompted, enough.

Rikuo holding Shinako.


Slow & Steady, Though Still Wishing They’d Pick Up The Pace

With the way most shows are, they don’t know how to make things slow and steady and keep it interesting. Which isn’t to say “Sing ‘Yesterday’ For Me” does. More so, it forces you to appreciate the persistence in small gestures like, as seen with Haru, showing up. Something that is lost in the romance genre since grand gesture, lengthy and heartfelt confessions, and things of that nature tend to dominate. Thus making this show tame to the point of you may be wanting to call it boring.

However, while the pace could pick up, it does give you a more realistic idea of how many relationships form compared to its peers. Increasingly creating the sense that you are seen and your relationship, assuming you have one, can evolve or is perfect the way it is. Just as long as there is reciprocation. Otherwise, you’ll be like Haru and give your all to someone who, maybe to humor you, or due to their guilt, spend time with you. However, they may never meet you halfway and coerce you to jump through hoops to get the minimum they’re willing to give.

Slow & Steady, Though Still Wishing They'd Pick Up The Pace - 82%


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