Taking care of your older siblings can be quite a chore when you’re the baby of the family. Maybe even a responsibility to big to handle on your own. Network N/A Director(s) ? Writer(s) ? Air Date 4/16/2018 The Neglected Children: Tanis With Tanis being monitored and cared for in a similar fashion to a…

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Taking care of your older siblings can be quite a chore when you’re the baby of the family. Maybe even a responsibility to big to handle on your own.

Director(s) ?
Writer(s) ?
Air Date 4/16/2018

The Neglected Children: Tanis

With Tanis being monitored and cared for in a similar fashion to a normal child, there seemed to be always questions about his siblings. Whether it was about their diets and I’m sure about their scars as well. But, whether or not these questions were verbalized, past what we saw in the episode, is the question.


Tanis as a child.

From what we saw, the kids weren’t separated and did interact with each other. So, with that in mind, so comes the question of whether Tanis even asked about things. Granted, he is touted as a genius, so he likely understands to a point. However, understanding what his parents were doing and knowing how his siblings felt about it, especially Aisuri, are two separate things. And while I think Tanis realizes the experiments were certainly not ethical, you have to wonder if there was more than scientific but also a social experiment done.

One in which, considering how Tanis got whatever he could want and need, was there the possibility of the parents trying to see how his siblings would react to him in turn? Much less, who knows if someone could be watching them now to see how Tanis, as well as the rest, act without the parents’ watchful eye. For it has to be assumed someone was financing a project like this. The question is though: who?

You Can’t Do It All: Tanis, Snow, Aisuri, Suishi, Ashisu

After clashing with Aisuri over outside chores, an agreement is made that Tanis will handle all that – such as grocery shopping. The problem is though, while a noted genius, Tanis gets lost fairly easily. But, to make matters worse, this time he not only gets lost but gets found by wild dogs.

Luckily for him, however, Snow decides to not listen to Aisuri, who found Tanis’ ideas that sort of invalidating her autonomy insulting. He, alongside Ashisu, and later Suishi and Aisuri, go out looking for him. Later on finding him because Suishi was able to sense him and thanks to Aisuri’s cat-like reflexes, and notable strength, he is found.

He is found and sobs into her arms reminding you, as much as he tries to take on, as much as he tries to present himself as some kind of authority, he is just a kid. Which, with that in mind, and him learning about makeup, he finds a way so that his sisters can hide their scars and even Aisuri can hide her extra limbs.


Serious question: How does Aisuri’s arms even work? On top of that, before Tanis comes up with his new idea to address her extra limbs, he brings out pills for her to take in order to go outside. What in the world was in that bottle and what are the side effects which scared the daylights out of Aisuri?

Aisuri consoling Tanis after he freaked out about getting lost.

Questions aside, it was nice to see that, despite how Tanis puts on a front of being the smartest and that giving him authority over the others, it being reminded to everyone, especially Aisuri, he is still a kid. One who, doesn’t necessarily feel obligated, but wants to make sure his family is safe and between maybe government forces, or regular people, no one bothers, harms, or maybe even tries to kidnap and experiment on them. Something which, you gotta admit, is a lot to process even if you are a genius.

For, lest we forget, being a genius doesn’t equate to having social skills or common sense. It just means, in the context usually used, when it comes to math and the sciences, you either pick up on things quickly or are quite innovative in your field. Tanis, by all means, may have had a semi-normal childhood, but he was also coddled and led a privileged life. So taking care of himself, never mind his siblings, is a massive undertaking that genius intellect doesn’t necessarily compensate for.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So will we see the girl who gave Tanis some ice cream again? Him trying to introduce his eccentric family would be interesting.
  2. Considering how slice of life this is getting, does that mean we may not fully address the trauma, like Aisuri’s, which came from being experimented on?
  3. Following that up, will we get episodes in which we see how each sibling felt about their parents?
  4. Taking note of the featured picture, which has Aisuri and Ashisu looking rather normal, when did the experiments begin for them?
  5. How long will Tanis and co., one whatever money they have, be able to live in that building before someone gets a job or they get found?


  1. Seeing how Tanis was treated differently from his siblings.
  2. Being reminded Tanis is but a child put into an adult position.

On The Fence

  1. The show staying relatively light despite how badly you want it to explore its dark side.

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