Favaro saying his classic phrase. The one he learned from his dad.

Nina’s connection with Favaro and Jeanne D’Arc, is the focus in “Same Old, Same Old.” For Favaro, it is her history with him and with Jeanne, her potential future.

When Favaro met Nina: Favaro, Nina

As noted way back in episode 3, the reason Nina is in Anatae is Favaro. Back when she was a child, he visited the dragon village and his talk of money attracted her. After all, in their village, men made the money and women watched the children. However, being that Nina is easily triggered, [note]much less a half breed[/note], boys aren’t much of an option. So, naturally, when a man comes to town and talks about having so much money he doesn’t know how to spend it, she wants in.

Thus leading to a short period of her being Favaro’s apprentice. Mostly because she refuses to leave that man alone. However, with time, she gains enough knowledge to allow him to leave. Leaving Nina with a possible means of taking care of her family in the future.[note]Then, soon after, he gets into a fight with royal guards and is imprisoned.[/note]


This was cute. However, it seemed to kind of waste Favaro. I mean, granted, it helps set up how he’ll eventually be involved with Nina but still. There is this desire to really fill this gap the time jump made and this was but a droplet. One which, because of how Favaro plays of Nina and the dragon women, only partly captures his appeal. But, hey, at least this makes it clear he is back into the fold and here to stay.

Awakening El: Mugaro, Lady Sofiel

A screen cap of a younger Mugaro, likely before Jeanne was imprisoned.
A younger Mugaro, likely before Jeanne was imprisoned.

Mugaro is not working with the angels at all. Something which really complicates their plans for without him, or her, at their full potential, they can’t regain humanities faith. However, with Lady Sofiel talking about reuniting Mugaro with their mom, she might have won them over.


The war between angels and Charoice will definitely be prominent in the 2nd half of the season. But, I gotta say, the angels bring little interest to the fight. Never mind how odd it is that they wear the outfits they do, but they just don’t have much in the way of personality. The way most probably see Mugaro, a silent and powerful type, is how I see all the angels. But the difference being they talk and rarely say anything which could get you hyped for the next episode.

Mother and Child Reunited: Jeanne D’Arc, Nina

Jeanne speaking to Nina about busting out of prison.

Nina has taken well to being a prisoner. She gets to work, is fed, and has a cell to herself. Also, through Jeanne, she even makes a friend. Now, granted, the guards are kind of mean, but not necessarily aggressive. But as Nina and Jeanne grow close, it becomes clear that Nina is different from the rest. For on top of being familiar with old friends and allies, she may know Jeanne’s son. So, with seeing Nina’s strength, and having faith, it seems Jeanne plans to use Nina. She is going to use her for freedom. Though considering Rita is on her way, perhaps Nina won’t have to go dragon for the breakout to truly happen.[note]It’s Nina’s 17th birthday in the episode.[/note]


While the gods waste screen time, Jeanne D’Arc maintains that badass appeal that Alessand won’t stop talking about. But it is going to be interesting to see what happens between her, Rita, and Nina. For nevermind getting out of prison, they are on a secluded island. Much less, Jeanne D’Arc is a prized prisoner, as is Nina. So how exactly do they plan to avoid the royal army? Much less, get to the heavens where Mugaro is?

Granted, Lady Sofiel said she would unite child and mother, but on whose authority? It doesn’t seem a war is what the upper echelon want. They just want man to have faith and pray to them again. Not for them to become the new demons who strike fear into their hearts.

But I guess we should also ask how Favaro and Kaisar will play into this? It isn’t clear how long Favaro has been locked away, but I can’t imagine him wanting another round with otherworldly beings. He barely survived the first go around. Plus, there isn’t a beautiful woman here to tempt him.

Though, who knows? Maybe Favaro will be willing to follow his old apprentice and friends into battle once more? It isn’t like he has something else to do with there being little to no bounties. Well, besides the bounties on the people he’ll be traveling with.

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