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Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut) – Virgin Soul: Season 1/ Episode 23 “Rise of the Nightmare” – Overview/ Recap (with Spoilers)

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As always with war, blood must be shed and also tears. In the case of, “Rise of the Nightmare” said tears are shed as another lead character (more than likely) dies.

That Bastard Alessand: Alessand, Dais, Kaisar

As Kaisar and Dais try to stop this war, guess who they run into? Alessand. Someone who runs as soon as he sees the two and Dais excuses himself to follow. Leading to the coward cowering before Dais, begging forgiveness, then trying to stab him! Unlucky for him, Dais grabbed the blade before he could be stabbed. However, Dais doesn’t get to kill the men who technically was the catalyst to this war. Instead, it is a demon child. One who seemingly was cooed by Alessand, who for some reason was being nice to it, but then got stabbed right in the lower abdomen. Making the final thing he sees Dais standing above him.

War of the Worlds: Kaisar, Nina, Rita, Azazel, Jeanne, Charioce

As Azazel and Jeanne rip through Onyx knights, Kaisar and Rita make their way to Charioce by undead. Also, Nina pushes Bacchus, still, to go faster so they can catch up. Meanwhile, Charioce, as usual, watches with a blank stare as all of his soldiers die one after another. That is, until it is his turn to die. In that moment, as Azazel has his little snake demon things spawn to strike, Kaisar jumps in front of Charioce and gets penetrated. Leading us to believe he will be the latest death in the series.


The Deaths Didn’t Feel Desperate or Stale

As you can imagine, with there being one episode left and us already experiencing a major death amongst the cast, there is this desire to not slow things down. So, with that in mind, more people, demons, and angels have to die. Yet, while for most shows that would begin to lead to some indifference, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul decides to throw us Alessand’s death. Something I’m sure others were calling for.

But, everything can’t be fan service. Someone who mattered had to die for while El’s (Mugaro) death mattered, he is a new kid. Of which, once it was revealed he could talk, the kid kind of became an ass. So him dying was sad, necessary, but not something to get too emotional about. Kaisar possibly dying though? Next to Favaro, that is something which could make you feel a certain type of way. Especially since he got hit by Azazel’s attack that will make it so Rita can’t easily patch him up. Leaving him, more than likely, bound to bleed out.

Thus giving us a real reason to get excited about the finale. Especially since Bahamut just makes cameo appearances.


These Last Two Or So Episodes Feel Like They Could Have Been Combined

Arguably, most of what happened in the last two or so episodes could have been trimmed and combined. Pretty much, all of the war effort could have been slimmed down and this includes Kaisar and Dais’ part. For really, as important as it is to show how hated Charioce is, to the point angels and demons are fighting together, at the same time those who are angels and demons are the most boring characters here. I mean, does anyone really care about Jeanne and Azazel anymore? Azazel has had his behind whooped so many times that I remain shocked he wasn’t the first to die. Then with Jeanne, the joy of her return has long worn off. At this point, she is just a soldier we know by name.

But, as noted at least 5 or more episodes back, when it comes to all the characters introduced in Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, they got the short end of the stick. Since the beginning, they were presented as strictly a means to snag viewers as Nina and Charioce tried to convince you to fall for their storyline. Heck, even with Favaro, he has been so toned down, arguably due to age, that having him back doesn’t feel much different than not having him at all.

Not to imply I want him to die next but, let’s just say I’m glad this show is almost over. 24 episodes was perhaps too much and while it is maintaining altitude, the finale will either be a grand triumph or disappointment.

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