Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut) – Virgin Soul: Season 1/ Episode 19 “Shall We Dance?” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The ball comes about and it seems to be everything Nina could have dreamed of. Making how it ends just the slightest bit heartbreaking.

The Royal Ball: Rita, Favaro, Nina, Charioce, Alessand

So here is the plan: Alessand escorts Nina in, she turns into the red dragon to cause a distraction, Favaro steals the bracelet, and everyone else acts as a backup to get away. Sounds simple right? Problem is, Nina doesn’t go with the plan. She sees Charioce, decides to dance with him, and then they have a private moment. One in which, to fully commit to his calling, he breaks up with her and says they will not see each other again.

Following that, Favaro shows up for the bracelet, which required either Charioce’s death or his arm being cut off. Something that, of course, Nina doesn’t allow. So, Favaro uses his usual smoke bomb trick for them to escape. Momentarily anyway.

For as soon as they get to the ports the Onyx Knights are waiting with their mercenary. The one hired to kill the Red Dragon.


Chris chose Charioce over Nina and I must admit that left me in my feelings a little bit. If only because there aren’t a huge number of quality anime couples this season [note] I’m only covering 4 shows so this isn’t saying much [/note], so while this show is technically a leftover, they were a shining pillar on a waste filled island. Yet, I don’t believe it is over. I do think once Charioce learns of the attempted murder of Nina his heart may soften a little bit. Not enough to allow Nina to be a weakness, but to maybe want her to be there if he completes his goals and lives.

With that said, I’m so ready for this upcoming battle scene. Especially since, with Favaro and Kaisar held down, they can’t interfere so it is going to, maybe, be a one on one battle. That is assuming the Onyx Knights don’t try to jump Nina – especially if she transforms.

Reunited: Lady Sofiel, Lady Gabriel, El (Mugaro), Azazel, Jeanne

Lady Gabriel, since all that has happened, has locked herself in her room. Comical in a way, I know. Meanwhile, Lady Sofiel has been hunting for El to no avail. Pushing Jeanne to want to explore but with her being an escapee, it makes her being out highly dangerous. Especially because, to save her, Lady Sofiel would have to reveal herself.

So, to appear Jeanne, Lady Sofiel says they can explore, together, at night. Leading to them eventually coming face to face with El and Azazel. Who just so happen to have Alessand with them.


I fully recognize that featuring these characters are just to remind you they exist and that, sooner or later, they’ll matter once again. When exactly, that is hard to say. All I know is, there will come a time Lady Gabriel busts out of her room and causes trouble for she doesn’t seem like the type to mope around in a depression. All things considered, the fact she isn’t planning for some grand comeback, or something similar, is a bit of a surprise. But I guess even she can be broken by a slew of failures.

Yet, that does open a way for Lucifer and crew, last seen episode 15, to maybe make a deal. After all, both sides want to regain the power and dignity they lost to humans. So now, more than ever, can’t you imagine the two sides working together for a common goal?



  • Charioce and Nina at the ball.
  • Nina possibly channeling that heartbreak into anger and whooping that hire to kill demon’s ass!

Low Points

  • Emo Lady Gabriel.

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